Central Washington University SF4

Looking for anyone who plays SF4 at CWU, or in the Ellensburg area. I hope someone manages to find this thread in the area, because I am sick of online play. If you’re in the middle of nowhere here, let’s get some matches in.

I think Dale goes to CWU I’ll try to see if you guys can get in contact with each other or not.

I’m pretty sure Nate Douville is out there too. I’ll tell him to post here.

Ya me and Dale go here I got his number at NWMajors but just havnt called him or text him since I got back but ya dude hit me up if you ever wanna play I live right by happys market on Water street

Honestly from what he told me, he’s studying pretty hardcore every weeknight. It’s cause he comes back to Seattle practically every weekend. I won’t speak for him though, you should hit him up.

I know this thread is old, but I’m a transplant from Reno, NV and I’m searching for players in the area. If anyone wants to get some games in around the Wenatchee area, hit me up. I’m trying to round people up for a weekly fight night and will post a thread if it gets off the ground. PM me if interested.

Anybody still @ CWU? I really would like to play real people. I also play Tekken and a little MvC3.

Hey, I’m from Wenatchee and been looking for players too. I’m not that good myself, but hoping to improve. Hope it’s not too late to reply :frowning: