Centralized p2p matchmaking

i think we need to establish and agree upon 1 chat medium (i suggest irc) to set up p2p matches. discuss!


do we all agree on that? last time i was in there there was hardly 10 people in it…

because 90% of people do not use p2p.

well there are players on the west coast that i’d like to play, and godweapon will not provide for that, but p2p will…GET ON P2P FUCKERS~

sadly i dont think people on kaillera will change cause there to lazy to download it and dont know how to use mirc =

only thing holding me back is mirc, its another extra medium i have to go through.

unfortunately…im one of them even though im no serious online person…i just havent had the motive to get the stuff mentioned…but links will rly be appreciated

I used to use MIRC, but I deleted it a long time ago.

The very simple and easy option I use now:

Google "efnet java"
First thing that will popup is MIRC efnet via Javascript.
That’s what I use now, done and done

Good shit

the whole point was to have everyone sit in a lobby in order to facilitate p2p…using web-based irc when you need to sort of defeats the purpose.

all i want is something as impersonal as possible.

i use #srkkaillera on efnet…

…although i’ve noticed that its usually just filled with people that are idle

i usually play the same 2-3 people that i always see when i go on

gaijin, why did you stop getting on godweapon :frowning: i miss playing w/ you :slight_smile:

once evo weekend is over and im back, ill be on #srkkaillera idling away. if you guys want to p2p with me, check there.

I’ll do that too cuz you’re cool and I wanna be like you. More people should do this actually.

#srkkaillera ? i’ll def. join. a friend of mine said he played p2p vs. someone from the us and had bearly no lag…i just gotta try this shit out from someone far away like the us…

I think we all want a zbattle-like lobby client, but until someone makes one, IRC is the only choice if you want something akin to a lobby where everyone can see everyone else at all times.