CEO 2012



This is my first time flying out pretty far to attend a tournament.

Am I gonna see any of my lovely Spaniards at CEO this year?


fuck europe


fuck off


fuck you too buddy!


I’ll be there.


I’ll be there as well.

As far as I know, The Vega players at CEO are: Me, Cuban_Ace, Alex Kamisama (though he’s entering sf x t), Elcubanoloco, and Chris King.


Good luck to all, I look forward to seeing some Vega dominance


So how’s it going everyone? This is star and I want you to share your CEO experience.

I saw Chris King got to top 32 - good luck man!
And I caught Cubano Loco on stream vs a Bison - a match he unfortunately lost. Seems like this was already losers so he is out.
Rugalitarian? Anyone else?


Chris King IIRC is in top 16.
Elcubano eliminated top 32.
German Luger 3rd in his pool.
Annoying Vega 3rd in his pool (eliminated by Cubanoloco).
Kayane is adorable in real life.

oops! how’d that get out?


When I was fighting Combofiend, I didn’t realize my stick was on ls instead of dp… I still went 1-2 with him and it was a close game. I know I could have beaten him if my stick was on the right setting because he was getting free combos that I couldn’t do anything about. The ls setting makes delays with your movement. I was so upset at myself and still am.

btw this is Rugalitarian from Cuban Ace’s account. I’m on his laptop and don’t want to sign him out. Cuban Ace is the man of the century after what he’s done for everyone.


Going 1-2 against combofiend is still impressive! Did he use Oni, and was it on stream even? I always wondered about the different stick settings and hadn’t noticed any difference… Same with the “Pad” or “Arcade Stick” setting in the options menu.

I guess Cuban Ace had this tourney co-organized? Great effort, from what I can see from here it is very professional managed.

Was “Annoying Vega” (lol I want to steal that nick!) the one who beat the all-women team on saturday?


Congratulations for getting Top 16 so far Chris King!
Good thing is that you are going to face the loser of Daigo VS JWong.
You will learn a lot on your next match. :smiley:

EDIT: I got trolled by the website that shows the bracket… you ended up facing ChrisG. Nice match and U1 usage!


seemed to me like chris king missed some knowledge in that matchup, too bad :frowning:


yea me and him shared a bunch of tech this weekend as well as the other vegas in attendance nice meeting everyone!


No, it isn’t good enough. Not at all, because I know I had that match and other people were telling me the same thing. He wasn’t able to tech a single one of my kara grabs and I was pretty much out footsieing him the whole time. So yeah, the ls setting on the stick delayed my movements so I couldn’t backdash out of my focus when I wanted, couldn’t stand when I wanted and overall couldn’t control my movements properly. No one’s fault but my own, though.

Anyway, I want to give a special thank you to Alex Kamisama. This man is a walking text book of frame data, strategies and analyzation. He taught me so many things and thanks to him, I was able to do well enough in other areas of CEO this weekend to get sponsored.

My experience was overall a great one. I got to play most all of the Vega players there. The only one I didn’t get to play was German Luger. Oh, and one of you guys was going around telling people I had a turtly/lame Vega. I think I know who it was though haha. I got a lot of sets in with Chris King too. His Vega is really amazing and he too. He showed me a lot of things and we talked about some tech as well.

One more super thank you to Cuban Ace. You made this weekend amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Hope to see you all again at EVO.


Good for you, Rugalitarian. Congratulations ! =D


Same here, congrats!


Daigo was like f uck CEO, EVO is where it counts




Playing the same freakin songs 5-6 times for 15 seconds was IMHO a but lame and annoying.
Ain’t gonna lie though…


Was pretty epic.