CEO 2013 with MBR

Finally got to meet the infamous MBR (MooiboyRoy) at CEO this year. The freeist Akuma I’ve met so far. This guy can’t combo for the life of him. Just kidding MBR! :slight_smile:

Real talk. He’s an awesome Akuma and pretty cool guy. He lost to Fchamp in pools, but made it out after beating Alex Valle in an amazing set. I caught some of this on video, so I’ll try to post it up shortly. After pools he played Chirithy but lost. I think he placed 25th overall. Tough opponents. Was really hoping to see him make Top 8 at CEO.

As for me. I lost to Snafoo (Canada Sim) in pools and then Mago later on. Placed 17th. Was also hoping for a Top 8 or even Top 16, but didn’t happen. :frowning:

Nice thing tho, is we got to hang out and talk and I convinced MBR to revive and update his Akuma guide: MBR’s guide and tricks to playing Akuma successfully I think it’ll help a lot of new and even seasoned Akuma players. :slight_smile:

Yeah met MBR at Canada Cup, he and DoomDomain are awesome dudes and great players.

Nice job on placing so well Kineda.

Ya, I missed CC last year, and prolly can’t make it his year. Best friend getting married that weekend. :frowning: Thanks!

First nice thing you said to me so far Kineda hahaha. We were trolling each other too hard but it’s all good. Thanks again for getting us into Evo.
We’re staying at HadoukenMD’s at the moment.

Tomorrow there is a 100$ grudgematch between me and 801Strider at

Stay tuned and see you at evo :wink:

@MBR, what time will you be streaming the grudge match?

I don’t know yet, I think around 7/8 pm Utah time