CEO Barfights 2/12 Full Results

Super SF4 Singles Results

1: CJ Truth Fei Long
2: Flash C Viper
3: Hoolio Ibuki
4: GoogleMyNameJebailey Balrog, Rufus
5: Black Magik Balrog
5: Petey Did it Akuma
7: TheDarkestHadou Akuma
7: Ben Reed Bison
9: Zombie Shoes Blanka
9: BobCustomGamer Zangief
9: VP
9: Voltaire
13: Worzilla
13: Blitzbeater
13: Richel Hernandez
13: PirateYoshi
17: Hallelujah
17: Mr. FTW
17: Christmas
17: Shir0hige
17: JibbaJabba
17: Dark Hand Guy
17: Thegodofpez
17: Richard Kovaks
25: Crimson_Thirst
25: CombatWombat
25: Nobody
25: Kissfork
25: Jacob
25: Lynx
25: Kelsey
25: Cross
33: Kup
33: YoYo
33: Lita
33: Circus
33: FaBIIO
33: Vicente
33: XL
33: Ryu
33: 3S
33: Max
33: Jesta1215
33: Linz
33: Charlene Dunn
33: FallingCharlie
33: Darian
33: Trish
49: Papo
49: AnimeJ
49: Dicks
49: DaveP
49: Brett
49: Steven Ramos
49: iShotto
49: Canadian Dstryr
49: FOMecha71

SSF4 Teams 3v3

1: Team Miami
2: The Truth Hurts
3: Gainesville Scrubs
4: Drewdontplaythatshit
5: Y’allabama Sweet Tea
5: Underage Drinking
7: The Guys
7: Birthday Sparkling Unicorns
9: 2 drunks and a baby
9: Carebears
9: 930bedtime

Thanks again to everyone who came, on the Eve of Marvel I did not expect a 57 man tournament without a stream no less. I was really impressed and I appreciate so much everyone knowing I was going to be there late to setup, and even starting at 3 pm we we able to finish a 57 man tourney in literally 5 hours(Would of been 4 hours but some people wouldn’t get off the Marvel Setups).

Congrats to My Son I wish I had for winning his First CEO Event, Congrats CJ.

Thanks as always to everyone from outside Orlando who attends.

Everytime I do a tourney I’m exhausted and worn out but it’s well worth it cause of the support.

I Should be able to do 2/3 more before CEO this summer so stay tuned.

I loved the Devaney’s Venue, Of course I wish I had a big venue and will have to wait until the New Rocky’s Finishes in a few months but everyone had a good time and the management was very happy with it so we’re all welcome there anytime.

Everyone who helped fill up my 6 monitors with setups as well Thank you.

BTW I think we broke a record, we had 4 female entrants yesterday.

And at least 10 new faces to the scene, hope to see you guys come out more.

Jebailey Over and Out.

It was a really fun event, i really enjoyed myself…mad that i didn’t enter singles, but teams was fun…shoutouts to all the cool catz i talked to and great job to THE BOSS!!!

Great job on top 8, Ben Reed. You’ve done the Bison brigade proud.

But for Ian, it was Tuesday.

It was a great event. Can’t wait for the next one. :smiley: Maybe a Mahvel tourney? :smiley:

Another 0-2, I blame the Marvel bootleg for making me not want to practice :rofl:
Least I carried my weight in teams.

How’d the Curaga, iShotto grudge match go BTW, I had to bounce early.

Duh, That’s why It’s gonna be really tough to try and do both in one day. Super will still have turnouts and Likewise for Marvel now. Not sure how to fit 2 massive games into one day unless I have room for like 12 setups.

GGs all

good shit CJ.

I wouldn’t brag too hard about my top 8 finish. I got some extremely fortunate matchups in loser’s and got way too reckless against Petey at the end. Good shit, Petey, Nestor warned me about you and I can see he was right.

Thanks to James for the tactical support, I just got too reckless because I was sick and tired of kara throw. GGs to all the people I played at the Marvel setup before my stupid 5 streak was mercifully broken.

CJ Truth!!!
Congratz dude!!


Didn’t happen because it proved to be an inconvenience due to time. Not that it really needed to, but my apologies to Official for having to leave.

Fun times last night everyone.

This makes me sad.

Good times once again. Whenever the next one pops off, Im there without question.

What does everyone think of the idea to have just a super 3v3 and marvel singles at the next one?

Ben, Nestor is completely wrong. Petey is a lucky scrub, and it wasn’t thanks to him that my team got third. jk
GGs guys, I didn’t do as well as I wanted to as usual.

EDIT: Jebailey, I like that idea as long as we’re not put in Loser’s without actually losing first. lol

yo 2 drunks and a baby one our first team tourney match how did we get ninth?

What scares me is this was Chris AKA Worzilla’s second tournament ever and if he’d literally fought one Blanka prior to entering this tournament, he might’ve top 8’d in a 64 man bracket.
Good shit bro.

I’m surprised nobody is surprised at my rank lol! Who’s callin me Freehad? LOL!

Yo I got 33rd and I’ve been teaching myself! pretty damn good I have to be proud of myself a little bit. lol