CEO Barfights Feb 12th Orlando, FL SSF4 Singles and Teams


The Road to CEO 2011 Fighting Game Championships Begins with CEO Barfights

WHEN:Saturday February 12th. Doors open at 1:30 pm Tournament Must befinished before 10pm
WHERE:The Original Devaney?s
7660 University Blvd, Winter Park FL 32792
Corner of Goldenrod Ave and University Blvd
in the Winn Dixie Shopping Plaza.
Cost to Enter Super Singles will be $15($8 goes to the Pot and $7 towards the Use of the Venue) (60/30/10 payout)

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Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 Starts at 2:30 Pm SHARP**
- 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
- 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals.
- Double Elimination
- Winner keeps same character, Loser May pick a different character
- Winner may change Ultra but must choose before Opponent picks their Ultra.

** ? Super Street Fighter IV 3v3 Teams (Xbox 360) $15 per team 4pm**
-OCV Style Winner stays on until all people on one team are eliminated
-1 Game Matches, 2/3 Sets for Grand Finals Only
-Double Elimination
-Can not have same Characters on One Team IE No 2 or 3 Hakans.
-Characters choices are LOCKED for the whole team tournament, can’t switch
characters between opposing teams

If you have any questions or comments you can either post here or email me directly at [email][/email].

Some Things to Note,

This will become Rocky’s New Location, however they are in the process of Building their New arcade that will be connected to this bar, it will not be open until about 6 months from now so we’re working with limited space which is why this will ONLY be a Supers Tournament. This is a Full Liquor Bar that serves Food Such as Burgers, Wings and typical Bar Foods :). So please Drink and Plink responsibly.
Also there will NOT be a stream at this event, this is to bring everyone together and have a good time right before Marvel comes out and ushers in a new era of tournaments.


Sounds good, i’ll put in for that Saturday off


Is there an age restriction?


Stoked. Me and Mr. Dream shall be going to this one as well. Getting Hype already.:amazed:


Luckily no age restriction during the day time so CJ and others are good to with that said an ID is of course required to drink anything.

Also capacity there is 130 so well be fine.

I personally will have 5 setups ready to go and there’s probably room for like 3/4 more.


I’ll be there!!! Can’t wait!!!


Prolly not makin it, but I hope you have a good turn out. I’ll let u kno


Weddings all Feb long. Sorry brah.


Team Birthday Sparkle Unicorn will be in attendance. :smiley:

Our scene (which needs a cool name) might be able to send an additional 1 or 2 teams as well.


It wouldn’t let me see the Google doc, said my account didn’t have privelages or something to that effect.


Try again, I changed the settings, should be accessible now.


Works fine, thanks.


DMG confirmed list

This should be a great event and I cannot wait to attend this. Here is the confirmed list for CEO as of 1/26/2010

(subject to change as the event gets closer)

Florida’s own Atrocity


Less than 2 weeks to go, This should be a fun one.


9 days remaining bump!!!


got that day off…yay!!!


lets goooooooo!!!


i’ll be there for some drinks, don’t get out of my post production session til around 9-10 anyways. besides it’s way closer to my place than will’s.


1 week away bump


well this was hard to find. ill probably make it