CEO BarFights September 1st Orlando, FL AE/UmvC3/DK

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The Road to CEO 2014 Begins with BarFights at a new Venue- Player1Bar in Orlando, Florida near Disney World. For more info on Player1Orlando please visit and Like their Facebook Page

Please Keep in mind this is a 21 and Up ONLY EVENT! If the event is a success this could change in the future as well as become a home for future weekly events for CEO.

WHEN: Sunday September 1st Doors Open at 6 pm Tournaments begin at 8 pm SHARP! Venue closes at 2 am.
WHERE: Player1Bar 8562 Palm Pkwy,Lake Buena Vista
HOW MUCH- Venue $10 for players and Spectators are $5. AE/Marvel $10 Per Entry and Divekick is $5. Normal Cover fee for Player 1 is $5 which allows you to play all of their classic arcade games and console games for free all night. This will be included in the CEO Venue Fee price for both players and spectators

What Makes Player1 So Special. Well for this occasion we’ll have specialty Craft Beers(They do not serve liquor, only Craft Beers and Wines) All while their bartenders will be cosplaying as Street Fighter Characters. List of Special Drinks coming soon
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Cash Prizes with nothing taken from the Pot entries-
Less than 50 people will be a 60/30/10 Split.
More than 50 in a tourney will be top 5 60/20/10/5/2.5/2.5 Split.

RULES Are Standard for every Game
Double Elimination 2/3
With Only Grand Finals being 3/5. Winners/Losers Finals will be 2/3.
Winner keeps same character, loser may Switch Character/etc.

Due to limited Capacity(Bar holds 200) we are only able to host just a couple games this time. If you can’t make this or your game isn’t here they will definitely be at CEO Never Sleeps on November 16-17 at the Raddison Hotel.

If you have any questions or comments you can either post here or email me directly at">

Some Important Things to Note, -This is a Bring Your Own Controller event, Delaying any match waiting on a stick for more than 5 minutes will end up in a Loss of your Match, Please come Prepared.
The Cover fee lets you play all of their arcade classics(They also have an SNK Cab with Breaker’s Revenge!)

NO OUTSIDE FOOD, DRINKS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE. Anything snuck in and found will be grounds for the JeBOOT From the event immediately.

The Venue actually allows you to Order Domino’s pizza on your tab and they’ll bring it to you a long with Chinese Food from Next door.

There are quite a few places to eat right outside of the venue in the strip mall. Hooters, Sea Dog Brewery, Cici’s Pizza, Couple Local places like Cuban or Kosher Food.

EVO Monitors Will be provided as well as consoles with DLC. Divekick will have controllers Provided so all you need are your Xbox 360 Controllers/Sticks for Marvel and AE.

See Everyone There on September 1st Labor Day Weekend!

I’m pumped about this. This will be my fourth tournament I think. I can’t wait to get destroyed by some awesome people.