CEO Goes to Hooters 7/31 Full Results


Thank you to everyone for Coming and making this one of the most fun tournament yet.
Never thought getting hit by Fei Long Ultra One’s Could be so damn fun.

1: Prince Martinez BronxPuertoRock Akuma
2: Edgardo Jimenez Eddosan Adon
3: Will Ruiz Dhalsim
4: Christopher Jayson CJ Truth Fei Long
5: Bob Nadel UberBob Zangief
5: Alex Jebailey GoogleMyName Balrog
7: JT Barber WhatTheDeuce Balrog
7: Marc Sosa
9: Junior Torres
9: Javier Guzman
9: Leland Miller
9: Torrin Fields
13: Chris Reardon
13: Matthew Terwilliger
13: Sean Belveal
13: Michael Angelina
17: Nicholas Paz
17: Dan Reardon
17: Lord Beauchamp
17: Gareth Bafaty
17: Ian Shotton
17: Bryant Pichardo
17: Ian Kolbinskie
17: John Martin
25: Emmanuel Jiminez
25: Ruben Torres
25: Orlando Suber
25: Josh Crill
25: Melvin Diaz
25: Jacob Stewart
25: Eric Alipizar
25: Chris Princler
33: Christian Santiago
33: Joey Figuero
33: Steven DiLeonardo
33: Charles Kelley
33: Erick Aleman
33: Carlos Martinez
33: Allenton Penn
33: Jon Wilbur
33: Jonathan Remy
33: Darryl Block
33: Richard Kovaks
33: Oscar Aburto
33: Brian Black
33: Petros Mikalef
33: Alex Morales
49: Walter Glavavvia
49: Ben Acosta
49: Mike Diaz
49: Stanley Calloway
49: David Torres
49: Edgar Madrigal
49: Dennis Schumaker
49: Ben Reed
49: Tidus J
49: Spencer Talamantez

Next up CEO at in St. Augustine Florida October 9/10. Thread and Details will be up in about a week.

Thanks everyone for another Fun Day.


Great games everyone; it was a pleasure to meet you all. :smiley:

I went Ken only if that’s any relevance to the list.


Great tournament Alex, awesome performances for TAMPA and Christopher Jayson!

Also, hooray raffles!!!


One of the most hypest tournaments ever.
Good shit for organizing it Alex :wink: I’m looking forward to the 14th!


wait…what’s the 14th?


Tampa tournament?

(should know but doesn’t)


GG’s to everyone I played and Tampa yelled at


Great tournament again Jebailey thanks for hosting. GG’s everyone.


BronxPR Taking it home baby. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Welcome to Facebook

I really hope Chris Hu is the special guest, I want to see him and AD go at it at English.


When the next hooter’s tournament?
Also GG too everyone peace.



congrats on winning the cooler… woulda been funny if you bought the other dude’s then won the 2nd one

also thanks to senkei for bringing back my hat from tuesday’s casuals


I kept telling him, take the 60 bucks cause I could win the second one lol. While he was thinking my number got called haha.

He said he looked it up on Ebay and they were going for like 150 or so. But I could really use it for when I play BBall with my friends or the Beach.

I tested it already though and the sound Quality ain’t all that, but it gets the job done.

As for the next Hooters Tournament I don’t know.
Manager loved it and was happy, the Girls though didn’t get tipped as much as they wanted and said they’d never work another “nerd” event again lol. Also I proved that SF4 has the biggest community now in Central Florida so next time It’ll be just be Super there if I do something. So we shall see.

Still I’m grateful for all the extra Setups Mobile Gaming Entertainment had after their COD Was done.

I really did love the no door fee though as that brought more people I think cause of it.
So we will see what happens and as usual I always post updates on my Alex Jebailey | Facebook so add me if you wanna stay up to date.


just added you…seeing the sf community in full force sat has me runmning to by and learn how to play on a stick asap lol i dont wanna be the dickhead asking around for a xbox controller again…

and fuck those hooters chics i tipped well.


i tipped 15%. I blame the cheap ass smash kids /nod