CEO Goes to Hooters, Cassleberry, FL July 31st SSF4


Mobile Gaming Events and CEO Gaming Present
Hooters Summer Gaming Tournament
WHEN:Saturday July 31st. Doors open at 11 am
WHERE: Hooters
2699 Cassel Creek Boulevard
Casselberry, FL 32707

Sponsors: Play N Trade Oviedo, Hooters Casselberry, Mobile Gaming Events, Next Level LAN, Budweiser, Red Bull and more to come!

Come on in Eat Hooters Wings or Burgers and compete with the best of Florida.

Pre-Registration and doors to play casuals Start at 11 AM
Each Tournament costs $10 to enter
Super Street Fighter IV(Xbox 360), Smash Brothers Brawl(Wii), and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2(Xbox 360).

Guaranteed Cash Prizes for All Three Games Regardless of number of entrants

1st $250
2nd $100
3rd $50

Double Elimination Tournaments
If You want to Pre Register for the event please email me at
with the Subject HOOTERS Tournament as well as your Name, GamerName and City)

Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 (Hosted by Alex Jebailey)
$10 to Enter
Starting at 1:00 PM
o 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
o 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals.
o Double Elimination
o Winner can Not Change Ultras or Characters between matches. Loser May Change Ultra and Character.

Super Street Fighter 4 RANDOM SELECT TOURNEY Xbox 360 (Hosted by Alex Jebailey)
$5 to Enter
Starting at 5:00 PM
-Must Pick the Random Select Question Mark for every single match, Even if you win with a character you must pick Random again and Ultras are automatically Random as well.
o 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
o 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals.
o Double Elimination

Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament(Hosted by Jessy Fernandez)

Singles: $10 admission per player

Rules= Stock
Stock = 3
Handicap = Off
Damage Ratio = 1.0
Friendly Fire = On
Self-destruct = -1
Items = Off

Both tournaments are Double Elimination as well as best two out of three with the semifinals and finals best 3 out of 5.

Neutral Stages:
-Final Destination
-Yoshi’s Island (Brawl)

Counterpick Stages:
-Lylat Cruise
-Delfino Plaza
-Castle Siege
-Frigate Orpheon
-Jungle Japes
-Battleship Halberd
-Rainbow Cruise
-Pokemon Stadium 1

Raffling three $80 prizes (very nice prizes-details coming soon)
Raffle Tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5

Check out our Facebook Event Page Here Hooters Gaming Tournament | Facebook


Gonna try to make it, but I requested off Sunday the 25th for my best friend’s bday… so we’ll see what happens crosses fingers

Good shit Jebailey to keep the CEO vibe going. I’ll be there afterwards if I can’t make it. Since you’re doing it so early, why not add an optional 2vs2 or Random Select tourney after the main event? Just a thought =)


I’ll be there if I can get the day off


VS Corps will try to make this Jebailey! With Tyger’s Project Storm going on a week before, we’re going to have to make a decision as to which event to attend. We’re not exactly filled with money, lol.


I’ll be there.


Team Tourney- NO

Random Select Tourney - BIG YES.

Adding it to the List.

Will be a 5 dollar entry with a payout from the pot of 70/20/10. Double Elimination.

Will Start it after the Main event so I’d imagine around 5 -6pm We’ll Get it started.


Jebailey taking care of the community’s requests once again. You, sir, are the shit. In return, the first coupla beers are on me. I was 50/50 on whether I was gonna be able to make it (as Saturdays are a nightmare to get off at my job), but this single handedly sealed the deal for me lol. I think I feel a fever coming on the morning of July 31st…


i belive i have off that day. im down.


God damn you Jebailey. You make this sound more and more attractive every day. I REALLY wanna go. Let’s hope this whole “employment” thing pans out.

And everyone who’s not retarded can tell that you copy-pasted the rules from the main tourney to the random select tourney, but you might wanna delete the “Winner can Not Change Ultras or Characters between matches. Loser May Change Ultra and Character.” from the Random rules for all the idiots that the internet is populated with


No new character tourney? I am disappoint.


The game has been out quite a few months now so the whole new characters only ship has already sailed.

And I’m disappointed you didn’t say JAGUAR DISAPPOINTMENT!


Nice you can count me in! Maybe for future tournies you can include Transformers: War for Cybertron? I know it’s new but it’s a really good game. But regardless I’m definently playing the single, random, and CoD tourney.


***War on I4 Tampa v Orlando ***5v5 team battle for the trophy!


Willvolution is on the same day and West Palm is a closer. Other wise I am sure some miami/ft L people would have shown up to this.


I know my friend, I tried to have them push it back a weekend but they couldn’t when I came on board for Super. This will have a bunch of people for Smash and COD, if it’s a success I’m definitely going to do another event JUST for Super/Fighting games on my own in the future so we can all get together again.


Make it a 6v6 instead!



Orlando’s First 4 will be Me, Leland, Torrin and Ed. Last 2 spots will go to the top 2 Orlando finishers in the Main event at Hooters.

You guys decide your team however you want to. And we’ll do this as soon as the Main event ends right before the Random Select tourney begins.


Appreciate the accommodation


Sorry if this is a dumb question but we do buy our own food right?..


I can’t say about my brethren but I will be there this Saturday Alex to redeem myself. =D