CEO | June 26-28, 2015| Orlando, FL


What is CEO?

Community Effort Orlando started out as a combined effort by the Fighting Game Community in Orlando and the rest of the state of Florida to salvage a canceled Event. With over 10+ years of tournament experience as both a competitor and tournament organizer, I(Alex Jebailey) used all of my personal resources to give back to something I love and put together a Major once a year Fighting Game tournament for the State of Florida open to all those willing to travel for competition and the love of the fighting game world.

CEO’s Main Objective now is to bring together fans of the fighting game genre and gaming in general To Compete, Learn and Have Fun. You’ll meet people from all over the world with the same passion as yourself which can make for some pretty fun experiences.

CEO 2010 was put together from start to finish in only 3 weeks and ended with a turnout of over 350 gamers and spectators(125 entrants for Super Street Fighter 4 alone making it the biggest fighting game turnout in Florida’s History) throughout the weekend.

CEO 2011 looks to build on that with over 6 months of preparation to become one of the largest gaming competitions in the Southeast USA. Since the first Tournament under the moniker of CEO, there have been over CEO 10 tournaments in the Orlando area with a consistent turnout of over 70-100 competitors at each one for such popular Games as Super Street Fighter IV and Blazblue.

The end result of CEO 2011 turned into one of the most hype EVO Season tournaments with over 650 competitors Entering Super Street Fighter 4: AE, Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Blazblue Blue, Smash Bros, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur 4 and Arcana Heart 3 bringing in people representing 22 US States and 9 International countries. Max Attendance was a little below 1,000 people tripling CEO 2010’s Numbers.

CEO 2012 Was a HUGE Success on June 15th-17th, 2012 with over 1,600 players and spectators from around the world attending and nearly 1 million views throughout the weekend on the stream. Over 30 States and 12 International Countries were represented along with Big sponsors booths and more to make this event bigger than ever.

CEO 2013 continued to grow beyond expectations with nearly 2,000 attendees from 32 states and 15 countries being represented on June 28-30th. Because of the continued growth, following years will start to utilize more space of the newly renovated Wyndham Resort.

CEO 2014 was the biggest CEO yet with over 2800 attendees including competitors from all over the world using up 30,000 sq ft of space including a successful artist alley to branch out and bring new eyes to the event!

CEO 2015 is set for June 26-28th 2015 prepared for the continued growth with over 40,000 sq ft spanning over 3 Big Ballrooms with new ideas while keeping its core idea, to provide a weekend full of fierce competition and amazing memories.

Where are the CEO Fighting Game Championships Located?

For the 4th year in a row CEO will return again to the Newly Renovated Wyndham Orlando Resort located at 8001 Inernational Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 with all new hotel rooms and expanded space. This Venue is located in the heart of one of Orlando’s busiest vacation destinations, International Drive. With over 50 restaurants, bars and convenience stores located very close by, CEO has everything to make your weekend down in Orlando a memorable one.

How far is Disney World and other Theme parks from CEO?

The Venue is located only a few minutes from Universal Studios Orlando and about 15 from Disney World. If you’re interested in turning your visit to Orlando into a family vacation I have established a special Discount Page for Attendees of CEO through my personal Theme Park Ticket company website located here For the Best prices on Orlando Theme Park Tickets. My Website also sells tickets to smaller attractions within walking Distance of the Venue such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Titanic Experience and Wonderworks!.

What TV Monitors are used at CEO Tournaments?

All Xbox 360 and PS3 Tournaments are played on EVO worthy Asus V236H Monitors which have been proven to be lagless for tournament competition.

If I want to just watch and not compete can I?

Yes, Part of the hype comes from all the great spectators watching throughout the weekend. As CEO has also grown over the years we try to implement casual play areas for you to enjoy your time as well, you could even start meeting fellow players and learn some of the basics of fighting games. We also have booths setup with great merchandise, non fighting games and more to make the most out of your weekend.