CEO Winterfest Orlando, FL 12/18/10 Full Results


SSF4 Singles-

1: FlashMetroid
2: CJ Truth
3: FU GoogleMyName/Jebailey
4: FU Remora
5: Petey Did It
5: BronxPuertoRock
7: Gl1tch
7: FU Booker
9: Falling Charlie
9: Psylol
9: Zombie Shoes
9: Eddosan
13: Brett
13: BPR
13: BshidoHEAT
13: Prawr
17: RajinCajin
17: L3land
17: Eminent
17: Philip
17: Voltaire
17: Slychivas
17: Shafted!
17: Hallelujah
25: Zo
25: TheDarkestHadou
25: TheGodOfPez
25: NightRider
25: Kenkadrums
25: Pilgrim_Pud
25: Iusedoom
25: Kup
33: FU DaveP
33: Sly_Guy
33: Chris Hoadley
33: FU AsuraSenku
33: Squirleeyy
33: Vicente?
33: I$AAC
33: Foxy
33: Ben Reed
33: PSI Double Flash
33: AnimeJ
33: Mr. Dream
33: InsanoFlex
33: FU iShotto
33: Dan Nabbit
33: The Absolution
49: Hurrrrr
49: Lynx
49: FU Robert
49: BobCustomerGamer
49: Nuclear Gamer
49: FU RafyToro
49: Costa
49: Kovaks
49: Blitzbeater
49: Sike
49: 730BlackMage
49: Tyger
49: Hotnix
49: FU Dro
49: Nate Fearless
49: Locate

SSF4 3v3 Teams

1: Titans Baby (BPR, BPR, Carey)
2: We Late (Jo, Alex, Albert)
3: 2 Men and a Baby (Chris, Leland, Alex)
4: Happy Birthday James (Peter, James, Andrew)
5: Costa to Costa (Harold, Costa ,Alex Costa)
5: Bears Are Powerful (Bob, Peter G, Booker)
7: PJ Represent (Josh, Edwardo,Hurrrrrrrrrrrrr)
7: Team Downback (Isaac, JT, Sosa)
9: 2 Midgets and a Milf (Brian, Sean, Richard)
9: Wrist Barrels (Kyle, Jarrod, Jon)
9: Let’s get Epic (Dave, Fahad, Charlie)
9: Team No Homo (Hamilton, Petey, Akeem)
13: Christmas Pajama Unicorn (Eric, Philip, Charlene)


1: Junior
2: I$AAC
3: Bryant
4: Pilgrim_Pud
5: RajinCajin
5: BronxPuertoRock
7: Zombie Shoes
7: FU GoogleMyName
9: Level1Online
9: Gl1tch
9: Tyger
9: Absolution
13: CJ Truth
13: Brett


  1. Flash Metroid
  2. Gl1tch
  3. FU GoogleMyName
  4. Leland Miller

Marvel 2

  1. Flash Metroid
  2. Vercette

1st Juggernat
2nd Jachobb/Mystic
3rd Skane/Lord Cruxis
4th Hot Nix




FU iShotto

Senkei(forfeit due to sickness)

Shoutouts and Thank Yous.

First and Foremost Thank you to Rocky’s Replay for letting me take over their arcade to host another awesome tournament.

MVP of CEO Winterfest is Will “Road Warrior” Ruiz for sacrificing entering the tournament to drive 4 hours out of his way to pick up downed men from Miami with car troubles.

Thanks to iPlayWinner and JT for streaming the event, sorry for the crap connection, hopefully we can remedy that in their new location. - iplaywinner - CEO Winterfest Has all the archived footage, it stays up for 7 days so we’ll try and edit some stuff to upload.

Thanks to Sean and Brian for helping me out with brackets and everyone else that helped to run the tournaments.

As always Thank you to Tampa for coming out and showing their support everytime. I think we had more people from outside of Orlando enter then from Orlando lol.

Thanks to Rafytoro and everyone else that helped me pack up. Can’t do this so smoothly without you guys so I’ll definitely need everyone’s help for CEO 2011.

I’m going on a little hiatus til February but I’m gonna debate either one last Super tourney before Marvel 3 or do you guys think I should just wait til Marvel 3 comes out and do a tourney for Super and Marvel 3 right before Final Round?

Thanks again everyone, Tons of pictures to be uploaded to my facebook soon, courtesy of our new Camera Girl Isaac’s Lady.



You are more than welcome sir, after CEO does have Community Effort in there somewhere!


Great tournament Jebailey, GGs to everyone I played

Glad I broke out of my 0-2 slump i’d been in for the last few tournaments


Good shit to everyone at the tourney. I had fun doing commentary and just might start doing it more in the future. I just need to get some headphones so I dont interrupt anyone on accident.

Shouts out to junior for coming out of FUCKING nowhere and winning HDR. Looks like we got a new #1 in HDR in FL now (sorry mavrick)

I just have one request, please make sure whatever tv HDR is on that it has sound on it. I wont get into specifics but that game needs sound!

Shouts out to myself on preparing for this tourney by playing xmen arcade all week. Thats what I get for not practicing :confused:
And shouts out to everyone that showed up to winterfest. You guys made it hype. I love you guys(pause)

Just a food for thought, HDR had 14 entrants with only 3 days of it being officially in the lineup. Who says we dont have a scene? MMisterEgoTrip, you need to come out to one of these. (along with some of the other online FL players, I mean look what junior did)


Not to boast but, because some guy named JR, beats you that makes me not number 1 anylonger or does it just make you number 3.


Can’t be the best if you don’t compete


You just need to show up to one of these tourneys. You pre registered for the past 20

And for the record I don’t care where I’m ranked I’m happy as hell we got another really good player in FL


had a blast yesterday. placed 33rd yet again but it was out of an even bigger crowd so thats always cool. and ironically i did fantastic in casuals. got an awesome guile mirror set in with Charlie and he kicked my ass but hey its w/e lol


Another great tournament!

Shoutouts to Will this dude can came through like no one’s business.

  • To Shafted, I’ve said before that he’s the best Sakura in FL.
  • to AsuraSenku for shit talking me getting my matches hype, and getting the other guy uncomfortable lol!
  • Ben Reed, TBH I got mad lucky in our match lol I’m down for rematches bro :wink:
  • to a fellow Rose player who though I was BPR and we were already in the set when we got it fixed lol
  • to Anthony Warlock gotta love your appearances
  • to Vercette who actually showed up lol, and although you beast on me in Marvel you can never pull off the assist-look-at-you-infinite like I could.


ehh my boy has a better sakura imo. (big spanish cat that came to the first rockys tourney). not tryna argue just my opinion. he just never goes to any tourneys cuz that nigga has like 3 kids and shit haha

anyways goodshit to everyone who wen out sat. i had a blast. even thouhg i lost gg to ian and bpr. back to training room :wgrin:


I arrived late to the first Rocky’s event but, I’ve never seen or heard of your friend but it’d be nice to see him in action. Sakura’s are always fun to watch.


Actually, i was coming but, work mssed ecverything up i was suppose to be off then in the last 3 days someone got fired and, i ended up working there spot…

But, ya i SUX at hdr now its like posion to mee i touch and, my hands start burning. Who does JR play anyway.


Shout outs to R4 Ken, 3rd time playing CvS2 ever.

Good games to SSF4 opponents.

Good job Jebailey and staff.


Good times and good games. Thanks to CEO for another memorable tourney.


SO there’s only 24 better players than me in Florida. Nice. XD


Nah, I wouldn’t call it that lucky. Your Vega’s pretty nice and I didn’t adapt fast enough. I know Vega’s mostly free on wakeup and I know how to beat really stupid walldives, but you kept your cool and I threw away too many opportunities. I gotta drill a bit harder on that matchup before next time.

Great event as always. Warmed my goddamn heart to see how many people entered CvS2. I know the quality of play was very much on the low end (or at least the disparity was very large between new faces and those from Back In The Day), but I really do appreciate how many people at least took it seriously enough to throw $5 at it. I learned as much from playing and watching a few hours at this event as I did from months of token-feeding at Wackadoo’s. I only wish I hadn’t missed out on this game when it was in its prime, because I am deathly afraid there will NEVER be another game like it. (Insert jokes about 5-hour grand finals and Sagat/Blanka mirrors here.)


I was really lucky with the wake up ultra, that I think was the game changer.
If you ever want some Vega games hit me up on XBL :slight_smile: I’m always looking for good comp


Good shit to everybody and everything except for the broken keg.


Hey CEO, where can I find your facebook pictures at bruh bruh?


Just add me Alex Jebailey | Facebook and go look at my photos, should be one of the last albums.