CEO Winterfest Orlando, FL 12/18/2010 SSF4/BBCS/CvS2/MvC2/IPW Stream + Beer


CEO Goes to Rocky’s Replay, Winter Park, FL 12/18/2010 Saturday-SSF4/BBCS/And more with Live Stream

  • We’re gonna end 2010 with a Bang as this will be the Last CEO tourney at THIS location as Rocky’s is moving to a new location near the UCF area where they will have a Full bar again.*

    WHEN: Saturday December 18th. Doors and registration open at NOON and Rocky’s is open til Midnight
    WHERE: Rocky’s Replay Arcade
    5445 Lake Howell Rd,
    Winter Park, Florida 32792 - (407) 260-0043
    COST- Door fee is $10 which includes 12 free tokens and Tournaments are $10 per tourney with all Tourney entries going to Pot(60/30/10 payout)
    Games- SSF4(Xbox 360) and Blazblue Continuum Shift(PS3)
    Please bring your own Controllers,Cables and Fight Sticks.

This event WILL Be Streamed thanks to JT “WhatTheDeuce” of IPlayWinner. Stream will be here

*There have been a lot of requests for other games to be included even without a strong support anymore because of Newer Games like SSF4 and BBCS. However Other games can be added only if your voices are heard. If at least 8 people Sign up for other games listed Below then they will be added with rules and info to the event. *

Go Here to see who has signed up

For more information on Rocky's and what food they have to offer there and games go to [Rocky's Replay Arcade - Where all the fun starts at Rocky's Replay!](

OFFICIAL Tournaments:

Super Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 Starts at 1:30 Pm $10
- 2/3 Rounds 99 sec
- 2/3 Matches, 3/5 for Winners,Losers and Grand Finals.
- Double Elimination
- Winner keeps same character, Loser May pick a different character
- Winner may change Ultra but must choose before Opponent picks their Ultra

Blazblue Continuum Shift PS3 3:00 PM $10
- Default game settings
- 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games, Losers/Winners/Grand finals will be 3/5 games.
-Unlimited(Boss) characters Are banned
-Double Elimination
-All the latest DLC characters as of 12/18 will be available so prepare yourself.

? Super Street Fighter IV 3v3 Teams (Xbox 360) $15 per team 5pm
 -OCV Style Winner stays on until all people on one team are eliminated
 -1 Game Matches, 2/3 Sets for Grand Finals Only
 -Double Elimination
 -Can not have same Characters on One Team IE No 2 or 3 Hakans.
 -Characters choices are LOCKED for the whole team tournament, can't switch characters between        opposing teams

Side Events Only 5 Dollars Each to Enter:

All Side events will begin after 3 pm and Onsite Registration(Regardless of the Pre Reg page of 8 or more) will be **CUT OFF **at 3 pm. If at Least 7 people for each of these games do not enter and pay before 3pm these tournaments will not be happen and will just be casuals if any setups are provided for said games. Money will be refunded to entrants if that 7 entrants is not reached by 3 pm.

Air Hockey Single Elimination(Official Air Hockey League Rules will be enforced)
Pot Payout of 80/20 to Top 2
* A face-off or coin toss decides which player gets the first possession of the puck.
* The first person to score 7 points by shooting the puck into the opponent’s goal wins the game. When the puck breaks the horizontal plane inside the goal, a point is counted, whether or not captured by the electronic scoring device.
* Once the puck is on a certain player’s side of the center line, he/she has 7 seconds to hit the puck back across the center line. Otherwise a foul is committed and the opponent receives possession of the puck.
* Placing one’s mallet on top of the puck, known as topping, is a foul. Here the opponent receives possession of the puck.
* A player cannot touch or strike the puck with any part of his/her body or with any object other than the mallet. Doing so causes a foul and possession changes hands.
* If the puck is on a clear path into the goal and the player stops it with anything other than the mallet, this is goaltending. Here the opponent receives a free shot.
* Hitting the puck when it is on the opposite side of the center line, or crossing the center line completely with one’s mallet causes a foul. Here the opponent receives possession of the puck.
* If the puck leaves the table, a foul is called on the player that caused the puck to go out of play due to offensive motion and the opposing player gets possession of the puck. Generally, when a player causes the puck to leave the table with a forward motion of the mallet, even defensively (known as charging), the foul is charged on them. An out of play foul results in the opponent receiving possession of the puck.
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Xbox 360 6 pm**
-2/3 matches Double Elimination
-Standard Marvel Rules

Capcom Vs Snk 2(PS2) 4pm If anyone has PS2 sticks or a CRT monitor to have a 2nd setup for this because of the large amount of signups please bring it
-This will be Double Elimination but only 1 Game Matches. Grand Finals will be 2/3 Matches
-Standard Rules and Roll Cancelling is Allowed

? Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Xbox 360-
o Akuma/Gouki is BANNED!
o 2/3 Rounds
o 2/3 Matches, 3/5 Grand Finals Only
o Double Elimination

Again Most of the side events will start between 3-4 after Super is dwindling down, I will do my best to have everything running quickly on Saturday so we can cover everything, I’ll be there early to setup so I’ll be ready to go with registration as people start showing up.

If you have any questions or comments you can either post here or email me directly at


Reserved for polls and other things…


first and innit!


I think Winterfest was a “FL Gaming” thing.


Actually when I ran their SF tourneys I came up with the name and we agreed on it. Todd that was in charge knows I’m using that name again and has no problems.

Any other needless insinuations?


You’re picking up Sakura!?


CvS2 side tournament? I’m good for a PS2 setup.


Get paranoid/mad. Was just wondering.


Mahvel confirmed? And that this date isn’t moving again?


Air hockey side event!?

Hey I need to make back the money I’m throwing at the pot somehow. Don’t judge.

Good shit with the extra tokens regardless though.


If 8 People at Least Pre Reg for DC Marvel then it will happen thanks to Anthony and his setup/s. December 18th Saturday is the Final date and it will NOT change.

I’ll AirHockey Money Match for sure or set up a single elim tourney for sure.

I tried to get all the fighting games on Free Play but that didn’t work out so we bumped up the amount of tokens.


I’m in. Probably just gonna be me and Spek from NFL repping it again for SSF4 and (hopefully) ST. Got some room for Tekken? I can get people to bring their own stuff.

Put me down for a $10 Air Hockey MM.

Can you see if they could do some maintenance on the arcade machines before the event?


Eder "the chedder"
Rodrigo - "jug"
Kevin - “kevinator”

1/2 there lol.

Also, a request to start at 6pm.


I can ask but don’t hope for too much. They are in the process of moving to their new location in the next 2 months so fixing machines they might get rid of(They plan on getting a lot of new machines at the new location) will be last on their mind.

I’ll add Tekken 6 PS3 to the Pre Reg list, if at least 8 people sign up then it can be included. T6 Setups including TVs will have to be provided by the entrants.

As for Marvel starting at 6 that shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s done by 10. But with only like 7/8 people entering that shouldn’t be a problem.



No prob on the machines.

Good looking out. I’ll let everyone know.

Subject change: if you get some time on the next trip, can you run a FT10 with me? Could definitely use some Balrog pointers.

@King-Sun - I’m missing the joke, but that did remind me that I forgot about Jim. Gah :confused:


naw thats camron’s sad face from the killa season movie meaning what you said was true.


Pre Reg is up

This is the official Pre Reg Form for CEO Winterfest. It’s very important that everyone pre regs for this so I can really keep things smooth and I’ve also added choices for other games people ask for to be held but they will need at least 8 people pre registered for a said game to be added.


-shrug- its what it is. But since you mentioned it (and considering my whimsical response), I’ll make a point to stop mentioning it.


Do we need 8 teams for NBA Jam or 8 players?

Either way, if me and Jamel go, and that game gets on the card, free money LOL.

I’m also in for $10 MMs in Air Hockey.

As for those other games, CvS2, SSFIV, (maybe even HDR) not 0-whatever across all 2 (or three) games is cool with me. I just show up to these things for the side games :bgrin: