CEOxStorm at EXPcon 2010 Full Results


Super Street Fighter 4 (Xbox 360)

  1. Peter Susini Flash Metroid Viper
  2. Alex Jebailey GoogleMyName Balrog
  3. Leland Miller Shocky Zangief
  4. Christopher Jayson CJ Truth Fei Long
  5. Arturo Veloz Honda
  6. Jeffrey Sangstar Rose
  7. Mario Sanchez Blanka
  8. Thomas Daley Honda/Cammy
  9. Jeff Potent Shell Fei Long
    10.Josh Crill Prawr Abel
  10. Jt Barber WhattheDeuce Ryu
  11. Luke Holt Abel
  12. Jei Torres
  13. Chris Austin
  14. Julius Henderson
  15. Francis Vida
  16. Brent Taylor
  17. Tarik E
  18. Geoff Mendocino
  19. Jim Dorr
  20. Hallelujah Alpizar
  21. Will Nguyen
  22. Raion
  23. Ben Reed
  24. Matthew Phillips
  25. Stephen
  26. Kyle Hopkins
  27. Antonio Del Valle
  28. Lonnie
  29. Nathan Roach
  30. Alberto
  31. Chris Hoadley
  32. Alan Aure
  33. Eddie Pagan
  34. Derek
  35. Matthew H
  36. Brent Patterson
  37. Konstantine
  38. Joshua Jarbos
  39. Robert Tubbs
  40. Justin Williams
  41. Joshua Fontega
  42. Paul Swanson
  43. Andrew
  44. Chris P.
  45. Sky
  46. Ivan Bloodsworth
  47. Paul Paulsen
  48. Chris Califano
  49. Anthony Bauer

BBCS(PS3) Results

  1. Alex Tsak
  2. Hotnix
  3. Mystic
  4. Kenny
  5. Jeff Reed
  6. Hsien Jo
  7. Cary Cruz
  8. Maxwell
  9. Will Nguyen
  10. Antonio Del Valle
  11. Ben Reed
  12. Alberto
  13. Devon Ramos
  14. Chris Gavara
  15. Mark Green
  16. Chris Petrosky
  17. Daniel Basye
  18. Mike Knights
  19. Aaron Lor
  20. Juggs
  21. Jeff Ho
  22. Chris Hoadley
  23. Robert Jarvis
  24. Eric Montaly
  25. Josh B.
  26. Chad

T6 PS3 Results

  1. Hotnix
  2. Levi
  3. King Rey
  4. Smitty
  5. Will
  6. Anthony
  7. Tommy
  8. Abbenyi
  9. LSB
  10. Mosey
  11. IVan
  12. Renalds

Brawl Singles:

1: Mewtwo King ($216)
2: Seibrik ($108)
3: Xaltis ($36)
4: Ryo
5: Superwolf
5: GDX
7: M!XX
7: Afro
9: Xin
9: Yinn
9: Rawrsaurus
9: Green Ace
13: SheikSSBM
13: Melas Cratos
13: Loser
13: DotheDash
17: D Fear
17: Thomas Hiepo
17: Ryu
17: Arie
17: Ben
17: Spidaman
17: Michael B
17: Jeremiah
25: William
25: Battom
25: NO
25: Gabe
25: Isaac
25: Jake
25: JV
25: Shadow-Link
33: Z
33: Daniel
33: Rando
33: Marcus
33: Lewf
33: Bam
33: Nobody
33: B Star
33: Ty
33: Alex
33: James
49: Krist

Brawl Doubles:

1: Nickelodeon Convention (Seibrik / Afro) - $126
2: Double Up, Bubble Up (DewDaDash / M2K)- $36
3: Banana Hammock (GDX / DFEAR) - $18
4: Chops Can Bring the Heat But He Cant go Eat (Green Ace / Xaltis)
5: Naples
5: Arizona
7: Solid Penguin
7: Antidisestablishmentarianism
9: Golden Pear
9: El Pollo Loco
9: Fellow Plus Yellow
9: A
13: Superfly
13: Time Lords
13: Mo-Hi
13: Assassin
17: We Dont Know Yet
17: Isaac

Shoutouts and Thank You’s in the 2nd post…


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that was able to make it out to this event which was a risk being 2 hours away from my normal Tournament Central of Orlando.

Over 3500 people attended EXPcon and at any given time we had about 300 people inside the Huge Game Room. The setups we had could rival any Legit Major tourney and this was just the start of something BIG that’s gonna be coming from myself, Tyger and EXP in the future.

First and Foremost thanks to Ryan Sweat of EXPcon for making this possible and giving me full control over the game room and all of their equipment, without his vision and my fortunate pull in the community to bring out players this wouldn’t of been possible.

Thanks to Tyger of Project Storm for handling Smash and Tekken and having me not even have to say one name of a Smash player throughout the whole weekend lol.

Big Thank you to an old friend of the community Nathan Roach Aka Pinion from Port St. Lucie for helping me out with signups and other things on Saturday.

Thanks to my partner in gaming crime now JT Barber aka WhatTheDeuce for bringing his awesome stream setup and keeping things smooth throughout the weekend.

Thomas Daley aka Spektrum and the rest of the Jax crew. Thank you guys for your support and showing up with setups as well as helping JT out on the Stream.

To all the volunteers and staff in the game room that I know will never read this lol. Thank you for being there and having my back.

Congrats to Flash and thank you to the rest of the Miami Crew for showing up. Together all of Florida the FGC will be a force to reckon with.

Good job to Orlando holding down 3 out of 4 top spots, especially Chris the Kid and his sick Fei long.

The only negative to this weekend was the fact that stupid Ustream doesn’t automatically archive their streams and we were unaware of such. Thankfully Will of setup his Camcorder all day so at least the matches are saved in some form and sooner or later we’ll have those posted up of some great matches on Saturday.

To anyone else I missed I apologize but I appreciate you for coming out.

Next Stop CEO at Rocky’s replay CEO Goes to Rocky’s Replay, Winter Park, FL 10/24-SSF4/BBCS/HDR

Thanks to everyone else that was a part of this event


Glad you had a good turn out, sucks i couldn’t go. Next even you host I promise I’ll go. =)


Think you got the results a bit wrong. I was top 8 cracka!



I had to write out the results by hand because I was just clicking through the winners in Tio but that playpool bracket sends losers to different spots so that didn’t work out as planned. So I wrote through from start to finish using the brackets. I fixed your spot. Mixed you up with Luke lol.


Orlando represent!


And yet another dazling 0-2 performance. Man I’m starting to feel like the Cowboys, doing super nice in casuals then posting up one hell of a chokejob in the tournament.

My own failure aside, CEOxStorm was a great event. Only thing you probably should’ve done differently was get somebody to help call matches while you were on the stream. Otherwise, good show.

As an aside, big ups to everybody that worked with me in casuals. Learned a lot and had fun doing it. Good shit, you guys know who you are.


Fun tourney! Even if I did horrible. Also left the BBCS tourney early in order to see Mega64. It was worth it. xD Our group got a lot of camera time. ;D


Real good shit, great turnout, very well run. Had a lot of fun with casuals and the tournament. Made some new friends all around, hopefully I can level up for the next time I step out for a tournament.


One of the best tournaments ever, it was a really nice venue and everything. Top 12 baby!


Thanks for the event and thanks to everyone involved. Had tons of fun and learned and learned a bunch. Shout out on not being able to pronounce or write my last name jebaily. Lol


Had a really great time at this tournament. I’ll definitely be in Orlando in a couple of weeks to make the next one.


#7 BBCS :] Im disappointed in myself though, i fucked up against Hsien Jo (which cost me the match) then in losers i just HAD to fight a fucking Bang main …

But overall it was fun playing with everyone, i got to meet people, met Senaki from DL … hes a cool dude :]


I was pleasantly surprised by my SSF4 performance, especially considering I didn’t really practice at all before I went in. I’m actually going to start putting work back into that game, I feel like I’m almost over my latest Bison plateau. I got sent to losers and eliminated both by Balrog players, but honestly I think I played both of those matchups closer and better than I’ve ever played vs. Balrog before.

My BB performance was fucking awful, though, I hadn’t practiced that game at all and after failing damn near every Bang combo I attempted in my first match, I realized it was time to fall back on Tager. And yet somehow I managed to get as deep as I did playing a low-tier character and completely failing to tech-trap properly. I dunno whether that says more about how much better I understand how to play Tager or how much more practice most people in FL need at FIGHTING Tager. I always feel like I’m trolling this game when I play Tager.


The first “Brent Patterson” in the Super result list should be Brent Taylor (me).

Apologies to Flash for making a fool of myself. Thanks for the help with the buttons.

Yeah, I need a 3P button because unless you play claw on a saturn pad, hitting three buttons at once is pretty hard to do with a pad using your thumb. I can do FRCs without mapping anything though.

PS2 > 360 converters are weird…how they map apparently changes depending on the 360 controller that you plug into the side of it. With a 360 pad, I just need to change the shoulders around, but with a TE plugged into it, the whole configuration is backwards with like, square being right bumper or some shit.

Anyway, GGs, I lost to Flash and Leland. Alex made sure I got fucked in the bracket by fighting Flash first :lol: …I really hope that it was random, and not because I’m from North Carolina/said he wasn’t beating Flash. I probably would seed people that come from as far away as I did, but I guess that’s preference.


Man me and the Panama City Crew had fun, i should have placed higher but CJ TRUTH rushed me the F* word down. good games all. Keep Florida alive!


Good games.

Ken is training in the mountains.


Sorry Took me a while to catch this post.

I seeded the Top Florida players away from each other then the rest was completely random. Technically If I seeded by location to the exact pin point. Flash is the Very South of Miami and you are a player from the farthest North that attended EXPcon lol.

But It was totally random, I don’t remember any of your I won’t beat Flash remarks sorry.


Okay, well that’s cool. If you guys do this at EXP again next year, I might be back.


Howdy folks.

Sorry to bump mega old threads but I found some videos I recorded of this tourney while cleaning out a hard drive. Figured I’d post them… for posterity of course…
Need some help Identifying the players / round in the bracket etc…



There’s two matches I distinctly remember from this tourney. If anyone has 'em please post.
Flash Metroid had like .5% life left and denied some guy a perfect with an epic come-from-way-behind victory. I think it was a Guy player.
The other one was CJ Truth vs. Shocky’s Gief.