Cerberus PCB install into Soul Calibur V Hori Fightstick


Hiya, recently i’ve installed the aforementioned cerberus pcb into my scv hori stick. in terms of functionality it works well although I’m unsure how to set it up in the way for it to also operate on my Xbox 360.

Initially i thought that the cerberus pcb alone would operate all my needs of 360/ps3/pc game play. though now I’m doubting it so I would like to ask if anyone has installed it for advice or directions for myself to get full function of the pcb. Currently i have only the cerberus installed via the no connector method and i still have my hori pbc on hand.


Was the original pcb for 360? The Cerberus doesn’t support 360, you need to dual mod with an actual 360 pcb to add support at this point. The big appeal of the Cerberus is to easily add ps3 support to a 360 pcb, not the other way around.


that would probably be the issue then, my stock stick was for 360. now my question is, how would I go about adding the xbox pcb to the cerberus without having to wire alot of things back to the xbox pcb?


Nope, you’re gonna have to do quite a bit of soldering.

A Cerberus pcb is designed to be plugged into a MadCatz TE-S 360 motherboard for a solderless dual mod. Anything else is going to involve time and effort.


Ohh well if it needs to be done it needs to be done. Please forgive me as i don’t really have much knowledge in this, but how would i go about it now?

would i need to add additional wires from every pushbutton to solder it from the cerberus back to the 360 pcb and would that also apply to the joystick? Also in terms of the usb portion, how would that be done? I can only imagine that I’d need to add the 360 usb wiring to the Cerberus usb wiring somehow, though i don’t know the best method to go about it


You can still use it just fine to dualmod, but you’ll have to do some soldering. It’s pretty standard issue as far as wiring 1P to 1P, etc for that matter. You can cut it down for an easier low profile solution. Either way, you’re soldering.