Cerberus Phreakmod Problem


I installed the Phreakmod’s Cerberus (http://www.phreakmods.com/products/cerberus) into my Madcatz FighstickPro. The mod board works great - the PS3 functionality is perfect using the stick through PS3 console and PC. However, now my stick will not register as a 360 device on the XBox 360 console or PC. I know there is a bypass for PC which is holding down button 1 (X on 360 I believe) and on consoles it should be auto-detected which board is to be used. It’s essentially been converted into a PS3 stick instead of being dual modded.

When plugged into a 360, the green logo light blinks once and then there is nothing. When plugged into PC using the bypass it shows up as an unknown device. I’ve made sure all wires were properly connected to their respective terminals, and that connections are secure.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem as well or can advise further. I have a friend who also has a Cerberus, and it functions correctly in his Madcatz T.E. stick. We plan on swapping the mod boards to determine what the problem is. If my Cerberus does not work in his stick, but his Cerberus works in mine, then it’s my mod board.


You know there already a Cerberus thread right?

The answers you are looking for might be already in that thread.


Thank you. I will look through the thread to see if anyone else has encountered this.