Cerebella Strategy and Match-Up Thread: All that...practice



In most situations that can be thought of, grabbing someone else is best to be done mindfully with tact…then we have fighting games. Strategy and grappling go hand in hand. Cerebella, especially, has several tricks, traps, and tactics that have been, and yet to be, discovered. Further, every particular opposition needs to be handled differently in this game because character roles and abilities are vastly strewn across the tight roster. Discuss various strategies and the match-ups where they can be applied here.

For now, blank slate. As the game and Cerebella player’s understanding of it grows, so will I then make this thread the product of everyone’s collective strategies.


I think the first two characters we get out of the way are Peacock and Parasoul.


I concur. I believe the key to both matchups is to create a mindgame with Cerebella. Both Peacock and Parasoul players tend to conform to habitual actions and patterns in order to keep Cerebella at bay, however I believe she can control the match in another way. Her armor moves and reflector are invaluable. If Cerebella can play the opposition’s habits further by using these moderately frequently and get them to guard like they should, my theory is she should be able to bait them into a grab or other type of mixup to deal twice as much damage as they did the past 30sec of the match. One thing I notice while playing her: my opponents usually take twice as long to do the same amount of damage that I can do with one or two solid hits.


I believe the best way to get past Parasouls jumping fierce (the bane of alot of people’s existence) is to just battletoads that shit.


True facts. Battletoads is like the new Hulk s.:h:. If timed right, can’t it get like 4 full hits of super armor?


I think the run itself has 2, and the move itself has one.

EDIT:Battletoads has 2 hits of armor, THE RUN has one.


I’m having trouble with Painwheel. She can just fly away from me all day. Help!


Just played a long set against a solo Parasoul with solo Bella.

At the start of the round, I tried out a bunch of opening moves, including titan knuckle cancelled into other moves if it whiffs, instant or delayed battle butt, standing HP cancelled to run, Excellebella. The Parasoul player eventually was starting each round with a jump either straight up or forward and I think j.HP, The best answer to this I found was a jump back, then a double jump over their attack, coming down with j.MP for nice blockstun into mixup.

On the offensive the run moves as usual helped keep the momentum after knockdowns or if they backed away. Kanchou seemed particularly effective, I’m not sure if that’s because the player wasn’t sure where to block or because being a charge character made him less willing to switch directions. Up close, any light into c.MP that was blocked got me a diamond drop, he didn’t jump at all I don’t think. At mid range full glide into j.HK was ok, double jumps to space j.MPs were good, and if blocked could lead to a Merry-go-rilla when I landed. At long range her supers were the main threat, the charged shots could be jumped pretty well, I tried reflecting some stubbornly but I would get lock and load quite a few times, and if there was already a teardrop nearby it was a bad idea, she also had time to block once the player realised what I was doing. I would say the best option would be to attempt to reflect the first shot if you’re confident, if a teardrop gets placed, jump into mid-range and run through any subsequent shot for a kanchou or battle butt.

On the defense I found I was getting put into seemingly endless blockstrings, I am not familiar enough with the matchup to punish the charge-shot based strings, so I could only try to pushblock away. If they decided to go high-low, the overhead could be grabbed with diamond drop either before or after it came out. This player had a habit of resetting combos halfway through with a low of an overhead on the ground, so I had to pay special attention to crouch-blocking while being combo’d and I would block high on reaction if needed.

At one point I dropped out of their combo and they used the sniper super while close to me, qcf+pp got through the shot and punished. I didn’t pay much attention to their meter, so a couple of times I got caught running when they at 3 stocked and ate a full level 3.



Skisonic said on PowerUp2012 you can reflect Peacock’s QCB+P move. He only mentioned the light version I believe, curious about the heavier versions… Also heard that Cerabella’s DP+P is normally just a hit, but can grab people on their way up in the air? I believe for the time being Peacock might be a bit more troublesome, just because she can teleport and reset the situation.


Yeah… any time someone doesn’t hold up against Cerebella it’s the easiest thing in the world. And if I was a Parasoul I’d freely hold up against a Cerebella unless I was in the corner because DP LP+LK does pretty bad damage compared to the combo Parasoul would get off jump fierce because you can’t follow up midscreen. And DP LP+LK is actually pretty hard to land for me on reaction without it getting stuffed by jump fierce.


I play a peacock/parasoul every day, and if Peacock is out, and you’re solo, SHE IS OUT.


Anyone have any insight on the Painwheel matchup? I’ve mostly faced horrible ones, but the 2 good ones i played curbstomped my shit in. A good anything would do well, but i dont see alot of Painwheels when I play


I haven’t played against any good Painwheels yet, but from what I can defer from the wiki she has no overheads. This means standard blocking procedure while looking out for IOHs. While you’re in the corner, if you pushblock Painwheel, you can get Cerebella’s Merry-Go-Rilla for free if you time it right.


She ain’t much of a problem solo. Painwheel has some hop double jump-like overheads by cancelling flight into a normal and then cancelling said normal into another flight. Pushblock is your friend, her attacks do HUGE blockstun so if you simply block you’re never getting out. However, once Bella gets her momentum going, Painwheel has a really hard time getting out. If she keeps flying around, AA her with Excebella or just c.HP her ass.


The Peacock’s I play locally quickly learned how to use up all of my run armor, I have had the best luck getting in on her by not using the run at all, just j.HP gliding over some bang-bang-bangs.


What do they do to use up 3hits of tactfully used armor? Obviously running in from full-screen won’t work, but mid-screen should be sufficient to get in.


Usually using it to run thru a bomb and then they go bang -> super
He got pretty good at doing it on reaction to a run


Wasn’t sure what thread to post this in, but I’m pretty sure cr.HP works well as an anti-air


Vs. Painwheel.
Dp+Grab has retarded vertical range, it can snatch her when she’s at the very top of the screen above you. Also jump/doublejump MP is great for swating people down.
It also helps that I have Napalm Pillar in the back as it makes these kind of matchups alot easier.

I’m having lots of issues with MisFortune. So far its the only matchup where I feel like I have to create some space as I get dominated upclose, especially if she starts doing the stupid head Omnomnom nonsense.
She’s also in the air alot which is generally a pain for Bella.
Any ideas on how to approach this matchup?


I’ve been approaching Fortune basically like I approach Valentine. Clap the fuck outta her in the air to make her scared to randomly IAD HP me so she stays in the ground longer, and try to maximize every single hit I get in by resetting as much as possible - specially considering I run Solobella.

Also be wary of fullscreen head gimmicks to catch you off guard.