Cerebella Thread: Other Grapplers Wish They Could Be This Good



The Cerebella Thread

Taken from Skullgirls.com:
(Conversions from Customary System to Metric System was done by me)


The biggest sensation in the Cirque des Cartes, Cerebella is a tumbling, soaring dynamo of star power: throughout the Canopy Kingdom, she’s admired for her enormous strength and alluring curves. Sadly, this acrobatic orphan only desires the attention of one man, mobster Vitale Medici, who took her in and became the closest thing to a father she’s ever known.

While inherently good, Cerebella serves the mafia as a leg-breaker when not performing in the circus. Cerebella is the only person capable of controlling her powerful Living Weapon hat, Vice-Versa, so Vitale is stingy with his affections to keep her fighting in his corner.

Essential Data:

Age: 18
Birthday: April 11th
Bloodtype: B
Height: 5’ 6 (1.69 m)
Weight: 130 lbs (58.97 kgs)
**Measurements: **32D-23-36


Competition, Showing Off, Cats, Professional, Wrestling, Sudoku, Flirting, Pleasing Vitale, Teasing Her Roommate Feng


Badmouthing Of The Circus, Badmouthing Of Vitale, Angry People, Quitters, Cockroaches

Additional Information:

Voiced by:

Cristina Vee

Character Trailer:


Related Media:

Evo 2011 Panel:

Starts at 2:57, Ends at 9:05

This video actually gives you a run down of the character from the creator himself. He goes over the options she has, who she might remind you of, what there is to utilize when using her, and what makes her so different from all the other grappler characters out there.

Masterchibi’s Gameplay Notes:

This stream site (led by myself) has many streams of Skullgirls going over the whole cast of characters. We have sessions with players being pitted against each other and even have segments where the stream monsters can ask for me to try specific things out in the game and I try them as well as try to build on them. There are many archived videos of the game on there as well. Please view for your pleasure and don’t forget to follow up and favorite the stream.

Character Description:

Cerebella is a grappler style character. She has a hat on her head with big muscular arms that do most of the fighting for her. There are a good amount of moves where she does use her own hands to attack opps as well. She differs from many other grappler characters out there. Some things you never see on grappler characters that she has are a double jump and some sort of mobility move in the air. For her she has a glide that is used to be a semi-air dash. On top of that she uses the grab buttons to preform all of her command grabs. Including her super and regular grab she has 7 different grabs. Definitely seems to be a unique character that many people will have fun playing with and trying to master.

Move List:

Predetermined Assist Moves:
[]F+FP: Titan Knuckle
]QCF+MP: Lock N’ Load


s.LP - Throws out a small jab. Has decent range. Has little knock back. Can be comboed into itself once.
cr.LP - Pokes in a blade motion with her hand. More knock back then the s.LP and longer recovery.
j.LP - Does a downward jab. Almost no knock back. Can be comboed into itself until she hits the ground.
s.MP - Hits opp with her elbow. Slides a bit forward to gain ground when doing so. Staggers if first hit on the ground is MP. Little knock back on non-stagger version.
cr.MP - Brings her arm over her head and hits you with the elbow. Decent Range. Slides forward quite a bit gaining ground. Long startup.
j.MP - Somewhat slaps her with her hand. Sends airborne opp downwards. Good stun on standing chars. Longest ranged aerial normal.
s.HP - Overhead to floor ground pound. Good range and stun. Will knock down if opp is air borne.
cr.HP - Somewhat muscular flex done from ground up. Lanucher move. Good stun. Good range.
j.HP - Does a downward clap. If button is pressed fast she will just do the clap. If you press and hold the button after you do it she will float (semi-air dash) and on release perform the clap. Can be comboed in to itself with good positioning and timing.
s.LK - Does a dainty kick backwards and hits you with a blade from her boot. Little knock back and ok range.
cr.LK - Extends her leg out and hits you with a blade from the boot. Better range and knock back then the s.LK.
j.LK - Does a kind of splits in the air hitting you with a blade from her boot. Good range, ok knock back. Can be jump canceled on whiff.
s.MK - Puts one big arms down and uses it as a pole to swing around and kick you with her heel. Decent range, knock back, and stun.
cr.MK - Does a hand stand and does a kick directly upwards. Launcher move. Opp gets knocked up and brought forward for positioning. Good stun.
j.MK - Does a drop kick. Decent range, stun, and knock back.
s.HK - Big arms act as a bar somewhat and she kicks you with both legs for one hit then goes over the arms and kicks you with the legs again. 2 hit move. Step forward somewhat. First hit knocks opp upward a bit and second hit hits overhead and knocks them back. Ok range, knock back, and stun.
cr.HK - Sweeps low with a big arm. Great knock back and has the longest range of her ground normals.
j.HK - Extends legs out and hits you with blades from both shoes. Knocks down air borne opps. Ok range, good stun.
Grab - Grabs the opp with her feet, spins around, and throws them. Good knock back.

Special Moves:

F+FP: Titan Knuckle - Cocks muscular arm back and punches at a downward motion. Range, knock back, and stun are all excellent. Stretches 50% of the screen. Has long start up. On hit, puts the opp into a sliding state.

j.D+MP: Elbow Drop - Goes in to a falling motion extending her arm out at a bent angle and proceeds to hit the opp with it when she closes in on the floor. Good range, no knock back, and good stun.

QCF+P: Lock N’ Load - Makes a shotgun sound and lunges forward with her arm in a fist punching state. Great stun for all moves. Stun differs from each one used.

Ground covered on screen:
LP: Least start-up 30%
MP: Medium, has one hit of super armor, start-up 40%
HP: Longest, has two hits of super armor, start-up 50%

DP+LP: Diamond Deflector - Leans back takes all 4 hands and points with index finger extend forward and thumb extended upward. Snaps hands back in a cool manner. Ok stun if used as a physical attack. Used mainly to counter projectiles by throwing them back at the opp. Projectile will have same mobility as it’s thrown back at the opp. Ok range.

DP+MP: Devil Horns - Leans to the side towards the wall a bit and extends one arm high giving a devil horns rock n’ roll symbol. Used as a DP. Has invincibility. Will send opp upwards and back to the other side of your point character. Opp is vulnerable until they hit the floor.

DP+HP: Cerecopter - Leans forward and spins her arms on her head like a helicopter blade. Multiple hit move. No invincibility. First 7 hits keep opponent in place or in range 8th hit sends opp flying back. Good range and excellent knock back.

Charge B > F+K - Run - Cerebella runs at the opp. Has 1 hit super armor during this. Move can be followed up by 3 different moves. Moves covers about half the screen before finishing.

Follow ups:
LK - Cancel - Cancels out the run and stops her in place.
MK - Kancho - She evades the opp and goes to the opposite side of them and Kancho’s them. The move sends them sky high and wall bounces right back at you. They are vulnerable until they hit the ground
HK - Headbutt - Lunges forward and hits you with a set of horns. Gets 2 more hits of super armor during the move. More than good knock back.
Grab - Showtime - Takes her arm hat off and grabs them with it, jumps on top and hits them 6 times. Opp is put into stagger state after this.

QCF+Grab - Diamond Drop - Grabs opp and throws them upward past the top of the screen, they fall back down and she throws them to the opposite side. Close up command grab. Good knock back.

QCB+Grab - Merry Go-rilla - Grabs the opp and spins around them finally throwing them to the opposite side. Far command grab. good knock back.

DP+Grab - Excellebella - Extends big arm upwards, grabs and holds the opp upside down and Cerebella uses her hand to hit them 6 times. Is air-unblockable if you are on your way up from the ground, otherwise it is blockable. Excellent knock back.

j.QCF+Grab - Grab bag - Falls on the opp while using her hat as a parachute. Grabs and hits them multiple times then knocks them forward. Does not grab grounded opps. Almost excellent knock back.



QCF+2P - Diamond Dynamo - Swings arms in a fan formation while skipping forward. Does 9 hits. On the 9th hit she ground bounces you upwards.

360+Grab - Show Stopper - Swings them from side to side hitting them against the ground then throws them upward. The opp lands on a sword that comes out of her shoe and the hat hand pushes them in to and through the sword. Ok knock back. Killer amount of damage.


QCB+2P - A Girl’s Best Friend - Lifts a huge boulder sized piece of coal from the ground and hits it forward so hard that it turns into a diamond. Wall bounces the opp. She has hyper armor through the super so she can still be thrown. The super CAN be 3 hits. First hit is when she is lifting the coal but it does not deal damage, only stun, second hit would be the punch, and third would be the diamond.


Tag In - Drops in the from the top of the screen at a forward angle knocking the opp down. Good range, no knock back, and good stun.

Snap Back - Does a back flip using both her muscular hands to hit the opp. Good range, excellent knock back and stun. Whenever she performs the move she actually moves backwards a bit after she recovers from it.

-Tha Hindu



-Tha Hindu


Did you really need to make some “clever title” for all of them?


Haven’t you read the SRK forum rules? It states that if you are going to make a character thread you MUST supply it with a witty title.

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You should put the character name first then the clever title for the ease of reading.

Parasoul Thread: Target Down



Alright guys, the write up has been done for a while now. I have submitted it for review and it should be posted shortly after I receive a conformation.

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why is there Samson info in here? Her hat is Vice Versa I thought.


Oh fudge, sorry, working on so much makes me go insane and lose track of what I’m doing. Thanks for noticing that.

-Tha Hindu


Cristina Vee is quite attractive


Awesome thread, glad you are working hard on these threads. I have a feeling Cerebella is going to be really really good, as in one of the better characters.

I think it’s possible Mike Z might (subconsciously) be making Cerebella slightly better than the other characters because of his love for grapplers. I really think command grab assist that can be followed up is a little too much, and I wonder if I’m the only person who thinks that. I could see it bringing about a ton of shenanigans. Show Stopper does an insane amount of damage for a level 1, and I don’t think I’ve seen any move do more damage than it in the entire game. Usually I’m not interested in grapplers, but Cerebella could be a character for me.


Thank you and yeah, ya think :razzy:.

-Tha Hindu


I’m not joking, I mean I sort of am, but I think it’s possible, I mean I’d imagine if you asked Mike, he would say that isn’t the case, even honestly, but it could be a subconscious thing. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen a grappler with so many options and things going for that character ever in a fighting game.

Also, a guess a note for Hellfromabove, it couldn’t hurt to add which assists are the default two, or the recommended assists, for Cerebella (and the other characters in the other threads).


Point taken, I’ll add them tomorrow.

-Tha Hindu


And is this a bad thing? Time and time again rushdown characters end up top tier and grapplers get left in the dust. I don’t think there is anything bad with a grappler being on top this time around.

Also, note you might wanna put in her command normals, like Titan Knuckle.


Widely held belief is “Nobody likes a top tier grappler”

Developers making characters they like good or deliberately making someone good is nothing new, it’s just one of many excuses that scrubs rattle off when they get bodied. It’s hard to believe that the guys making the game wouldn’t have an idea of how their characters would interact.


Personally I actually think Cerebella is rather balanced. Yes, her grabs do a lot of damage (though no red life damage). That’s the point! They are hard to hand. You can jump out of them, you can attack out of them, you can even backdash out of their range. If you get hit by a grab its your fault. That’s a grapplers theme!

Like… being angry that a grappler does what they are supposed to do is like being angry that blue magic has counter spells in Magic: The Gathering or that shotguns do a lot of damage up close in an FPS. It’s not a bug, its a feature.


And then there’s Potemkin. I remember reading that Mike’s philosophy in designing Cerebella was largely drawn from Potemkin, in that he’s sort of a “good character first, a grappler second.” Granted, Potemkin isn’t top top top tier or anything, but the point is that it’s not outlandish to imagine people being fine with top tier Cerebella (of course Mike will get shit for it regardless; probably less so than if she ended up being yet another shitty grappler, though).


I think grapplers are more like playing honest green beatdown. When the generically good faster characters with more options lose to that, they get upset. Shouldn’t my sweet blue based tempo/control deck always beat this simplified green crap?


also mike isnt solely balancing this game. he has weekly balance sessions with all sorts of west coast fighting game players and from what ive seen, mike is very good at taking advice from others.