Certain hidden colors don't work on sf3oe?

This might sound like a scrub question , but I play Yun/Ken and my favorite colors red… And I want to use the Red Yun cause I play that color on sf4. It says your soppose to hold start then press hard kick, but even if I press them at the same time it will just go to random select… Do these extra colors not work on Sf3oe? Such a scrub question ._.

Beat arcade mode with Yun, then go to downloadable content-> my content-> color packs, and swap to Second Impact Colors.

You can also press Y/Triangle on default/2i to see which colors are available. In Yun’s case, it’s Roundhouse for the all red costume.

Silly guy was reading the ps2 instructions. Mustve freaked out when it didnt even give him yun.

There are always 7 colors for each color pack… one for each button, and a secret one which is accessed by pressing Jab + Forward + Fierce at the same time (except for the Second Impact pack which has no secret color).

I believe you can even preview the colors on the downloadable content screen.

Thanks guys.