CF late night rendezvous tournament

Ummmmm the tournament will be held at chinatown fair on friday at 8pm sharp.The games included will be Arcana Heart 2,Third Strike,and Super Turbo.All entry fees are three dollars and winner take all.Hope people come out and support.Good luck everyone.

This tournament will be held on September,5.Be there!!!

you didnt even put a date on the thread title, damn justin what the hell

I’ll be there. Will you?

jwong needs drinking money tourney

yo i bet justins dealer called in his dues for 12am

I heard there was gonna be a really bad storm friday :confused:
but ok sure! :tup:

fuck the earliest i can get into the city is 8pm


Why Friday :V.

I wont be in the city till like 7am tomorrow :(.

you must wear bad idea jeans if you think its a good idea to announce a tourney same week practically same day and get people to come. I’ll play you in st for 3 dollars justin first to 10, on some broke shit whats good??

sorry guys, this wasnt me that made this thread. Noel was the one who was on my account. lol. Cmon, u guys seen my tourney posts. It def dont look like this. lol.

Rahassan. Keep your money, or play john with it. You need to beat john before you can beat me.