Cf Marvel tourney, NY 09/13/08

Sup guys Marvel tourney on 09/13/08. I like the response these tourneys have been getting lately and I like the face that everyone is stepping up their shit.

Entry $10
Time 6:30
Rules im/pm me for the info or post the question here

Im glad to see more of the old school people coming back out of the shadows. First AK then Shawn Morgan, I appreciate the support guys. Hope to see everyone there.


Im in there! and im not tryna get bumped out early like past tourneys! :nunchuck:

Good stuff.

The earlier we start, the more matches I can tape.

1st place here I come!

yeah i am there, any place here i come lol.

As long as I’m not stuck babysitting again I’m in there this time!!!

man, i have had so much shit to do that i forgot about the tourneys, so i’ll be there this saturday!!! Blackhearts rules!!!(sorry, i just had to say it)