CF, NY Third Strike 5v5 Friday August 7th (Results From Last Inside)


Last 5v5 was sooo hype…so naturally we wanna run another one…simply an exhibition match so everyone should just come out and have fun, get hype, and play hard. Results from last 5v5

Jwong NicaKO/Duke
Ahmed Chris
Issei vs Adam
Tinshi Frankie
Henry Cen GreenT

Nica took out Justin first round, then ahmed beat Nica…GreenT beasted on evryone from there. J wanted to run it back and make the 5v5 2/3 so we did and he ocv’d us twice…Duke taking Nica’s place after the first round. We had the whole arcade watchin 3s for a good 20 mins and evryone had a blast…it was only 2 teams because it was a last minute thing. Gather up your team and we’ll run it…we all gonna show to castle golf so this is a fun warm up match…lets get hype


Yo im in this Shit. last one was mad HYPE.


Lol this weekend is too hype. This, Bar Fights, and Castle. I won’t be in attendance though, working until 8:30 :(. Have fun guys!


August 8th is a Saturday.


yooo ahmed get hype bitch cuz i heard from the rogain guy that u fraaaay


Yo fuck that scrub. He’s Fray!!!
Your 3 crouching short to super was GDLK.