cf results

5)Master Chibi

we started with I think 7 entrants, which quickly shot up to 16. It ran pretty fast…for cvs2…until 2/3 losers semi finals and 3/5 losers finals came around.

yay <3

Also I’m never entering four tournaments on the same day at CF again.

My $$ just vanished.


Hey guys,

Great tourney. Thanks for those who showed me around Chinatown.

Justin/psi - Thanks for the clubbing/city info. Avalon was really nice.

I’ll be sure to post up next time I’m visiting (won’t be for a while, though)

Hope all of you take care.


yeah CVS2 i got owned in…good times…I finally figured out who that Nick T guy was!!! One of my friends was like thats nick t…i was starstruck…anyways thanks for the ass whippings ill be back next week :slight_smile:

the new dictator doesnt let us fucking record shiaat , he almost kicked me out trying to MGS record some matches. Good turnout.

3s was like:

1)JWong (yun)
2)Azn Kevin (necro)
3)Zar (ibuki)
4)Bacardi (chun, yun, ryu)
5?)Tinshi (oro)

i’ll update later…maybe.


I used urien & yang to :slight_smile:

needs more Rumblefish

Fuck no.

There were 5 people there (including myself) who would have entered, and it would have been 3 Hazama’s, one Greed, and one Kaya.

No thanks.

i would have entered with kaya

You don’t count.


Also my Kaya > your Kaya.


I thought there were only 3.

You = Greed, me = Kaya, Justin = Hazama / Mito, Mike = Hazama, and another regular = Hazama


Nah I probably would’ve picked Hazama.

Mito > Greed for free.
Not as bad vs. Hazama.

I hate all of you.


Don’t hate the players Chibi, hate the game! :devil:



unblockable 100 percent BD > Chibi

It would be funny if BD stood for backdash.

mad props kevin, keep at it.

aim me today