Cf Tournament 09/27/08

Sup guys Marvel tourney on 09/27/08. I like the response these tourneys have been getting lately and I like the face that everyone is stepping up their shit.

Entry $10
Time 6:30
Rules im/pm me for the info or post the question here


Good shit i am there cant wait.

i thought that it was liston who was doing the tourneys?? well…i doesn’t matter i will still be there.

Heh heh, goodshi’t.

Liston’s celebrating his b-day that’s why he isn’t running one this weekend and Amir how you still feeling about the sticks from saturday lol.

Yo any word on a spot in the car for Ohio?

Son those sticks ugh!!! 8ways ftw. oh yeah cant wait for sat.

Edit: Erik fix the year lol, 2003? lol

Told you those sticks are godlike and lol @ the year.

Lol Sorry guys. OOh and make sure u guys are on time cause i gotta make it home early got a date the same night.

My man you are done, you don’t even make it on time. You might as well tell your date to come to CF and take her out to Wo Hop and call it a night.

u might as well catch the greyhound with jeron"greyhound warrior"grayson

I might consider that lol.

The most unreliable person on the planet is planning on hosting a tournament?

Hope this goes down before 9:30, if it even happens.

I’m gonna be there Trust me. Ill do sign ups At at 530 but I’ll be at Cf around 430
so that gives all u guys way more then enough time to be there Early.

UGH, those sticks. Good shi’t, you guys are mad cool. I gotta know where ya’ll bought them buttons and joysticks from, haha.

Nothing new bro, so far it’s me, Merdoc, Fosh, Baby Wolverine, and Doug. Jose dropped out, and Doug was waiting for the spot a while back. But Doug didn’t think Jose was going to drop out, so he hasn’t gotten the days from work yet. I’ll let you know. Just have a plan B, because I don’t want to get your hopes up then think I let you down, you know.

lol the buttons are pretty much the same ol Happs. You just gotta mod them and only Syn know’s how to do that :tup:

im in there like…

your mother’s in there like…

Heh, good ol’ Syn, master of the trades!

Your mother’s heh good Ol’ Syn, Master of the trades!