CFE/Jam Chapter~1 Vid Urien By Dj-B13

CFE/Jam Chapter Video Releases & Dicussion By Dj-B13

I have now and am making videos on CFE and its being hosted at your freindly combo neighborhood, so go check it out and hope you all enjoy, and say thank you to the folks at

Just got time to finish many videos and got more time to finish more before EVO comes around. :pleased:

So Discuss also :pleased:

Videos Done So Far:

Street Fighter III Section

-Chapter~1: Urien
-Chapter~2: Yun

Good shit son, I have always liked your vids. Keep up the good work. Late

DJB13’s so cool. Youre one of my Idols B’

mumbles something about having to log in to cv at work This better not suck.

Just watched the vid. What software are you using b? Whatever it is its way better than what you used before. If youre using what you used before… youre using it way better now.

That vid stepped just upped the anti for cfe videos… with all the this works on x cast members stuff.

Like the vid… Great work as always
… just ended abruptly.

More Naruto vids plz!

Alright good shit b13 Hopefully there may be a future for cfj.

Naruto is the devil.

Nice vid. I was trying to get into Urien a while back, but then I remembered that I don’t like CFJ. That was some cool stuff, though.

Heya all…

Glad you all liked the vid, and obot…hey bro. Yea its the same program just using it better now though. :pleased: .

and the nw cfe vid will be done in a week or so and a MvC2 one also. Hehe Naruto Vids ill make a lil later at the moment though.

nice vid gupkage : )

look forward to more videos from you

gonna go d/l the video right now. i already know its good stuff. keep it up.

OMFG! Slow speed.

Better be hot B.

djb continues to make the best vids :karate:

I got some GNT3 if you wanna check them out.
I only posted 3 of them in the Naruto 3 thread, but I wish I knew someone that can actually host them.

Bah, can’t watch the vid at the moment, broken link :tdown:

Dj-B13 your vids are always tops even though i dont play this game im going 2 check out your vid.

major side note: taiji you av is tops :tup: stacey gets the blood moving.

taiji: your kind words are always nice :pleased: .

And glad you all liked the vid so far, a new should be up in about a week. :tup:

Good shit mang. Whatever happened to your 3S vids? I only have your Dudley and Yang vid. Did you ever release anymore? I remember watching your CvS2 vids religiously last year too.

Hell Yeah! Stacy owns :badboy: Nice Av.
Anyway that was a nice vid too. Makes me want to play cfj all over again.

Thank you man, oh there were only 2 3s vids, but ill be maiking another 3s one soon.

And, yes play CFE, just play it…its something new and its not that bad at all.

Almost 200 megs for 3 fuckin minutes? Fuck you. That shit is easily the most horrible size for a vid that long I have ever seen. The resets and what not were good, but its mainly the size and quality that pisses me off. Fuck it, I tell it how it is.