CFE sortofment?

CFE players.
we should all try to get online atthe same time.
play some round robin shit.
ill organize if people are down.

I’m down :tup:

i will destroy all :rofl:

I suck at the game but I’ll play

Bring that shit :karate:

ok sweet… even if its like 6 people we can do it.
lets give it to this weekend to see who wants in… then we’ll set it up.
my hauser is fierce.

not good, i work on weekends :tdown:
so you might as well plan a multi-day tourney, it’s the only good way :tup:

ps. my Hauzer is fierce and i have video of me destroying JuelzDuffSet :rofl:

Yeah, but you are easy to read with Hauzer. You ultimate guard through the whole match. I just trick you and throw. Simple yet effective :clap:

P.S. I work on weekends also.

lets do the sortofment during the week.
i was just gonna give the thread some time to get some more kids in on it.
Hows monday nite 10 eastern for people?

it’d be easier if you did a multi-day tourney

I will bust all your asses with kenji.

Dude, bring that shit! I will rape you with Chun-Li and Demitri!

yep, you can sweep and stomp all day…

I’m down. Just let me know the time and I’ll see if I can make it.

I suppose we’ll need a chat room to make this work.

so far theres like 5 or six people into it.

Everyone who wants in for real PM me…so i can make a list and shit.
then we will work out which nite to play.
if we cant get enough for a tournament, we can just all get online at the same time and see who owns what.
Whats the best place to get a chat going?

I just did that to you because you couldn’t even stop it :tdown:
And your parry, c’mon man, where was it? Reason I tripped you and threw so much is because it was fun listening to a crybaby who could not block it or think of something else to do strategically. I was playing with you little girl :nunchuck:

Oh yeah, bring on abused Jedah, throw spinwheel, run away, etc. etc. No strategy. Or better yet, ultimate guard all day, you use that intentionally all the time right :lame:

explain how i can parry with Rose…

and i’ll bet you never went to a tourney before…

show me a tournament result with your name on it…

Live Regular…

I want in on this.

Ha! Actually, I lived in Tokyo Japan and Hawaii which held plenty of tourneys, wait… TONS of tourneys. Need I say more :tup: Don’t believe everything I said to you!
And yes, I do play this live often, I work all the time and have a life. I see you play live all the time so no big deal.

you do realize that anybody’s personal life or opinions don’t matter to anybody on a Live thread, this aint General Discussion