CFE Thread.

gg’s to everyone i played this weekend…
red larry, FSP… glad to see you guys online.

GGs to you too. We should play again sometime, maybe play some 3S as well.

red larry… fun playing tonite…
i think im getting the hang of some of the characters.
i never used bison before so its fun being gay with him.
your urien is pretty sick.
fs7 ill play whenever.

GG’s to you guys, I think I played both of you this past weekend. I remember clearly being rape with fs7’s urien a couple of times.

When are you guys usually on? I go on around 8-9CST and maybe get 1 or 2 people all evening…

Edit: Amnesia, dammit, why’d you have to go and switch to SF Anniversary? I’m buying that next payday :-p

I’m on right now.

Had a bad game with Unsavegamedata, my Ryu beat his Ryu and my Chun-Li beat his Shin Akuma and then he dropped. It was his first CFE online match too. Dropper hall of shame.

GG to teh amnesia

gg to anmesia moon. Couldn’t beat my subpar guile and ingrid and I think countering bison’s super psycho crusher with ingrid made him snap and drop :encore:

Sorry about our session Shingen. When running a 100ft ethernet cable across the house, someone is bound to trip on it and disconnect me from live.

Mesopotamia, i dropped because i think you are a fucking jerkoff. Quit spamming my matches when i decline your challenge, its really fucking annoying…after two or three delcines I would think you would be smart enough to realize that i do not wish to play you, and you might be fuckin up an invite i sent to a friend i do enjoying playing. You can suck my balls:tup:

Also on dropping… does anyone else here just lose connections randomly on CFE? I have had connections lost when im winning or losing!

Im a jerkoff becuase i obliterated your sorry ass. Stick to playing the CPU if you want wins and make sure you put it on one star difficulty so you can actually have a chance.

I’d drop too if i had to play against myself :encore:

suck my balls

Hey im going to be playing tonite if anyone wants to get some games in.