alright fellas. thought i should create a new thread since things are finally starting for our club. we will be holding our first console gathering on 11/21 from 7-11 pm at HH (humanities hall) 156. this is on the bottom floor. as of now, this is not a weekly meeting since i want to see how the actual turnout will be. once the winter qtr begins we can start having weekly/biweekly gatherings. also expect tournaments in early 2007…

facebook group:

as of now we have 3 confirmed tvs, 2 maybe 3 ps2s, a copy of 3rd strike and cvs2. i would like it if everyone would be willing to pitch in $1 since the rental fee for the tv was $20. bring your own tvs, games, sticks since this is a console gathering.

scrub, average, evo finalist, don’t matter. all players are welcome.

“Campus & University Dr
Irvine, CA”

  • search that on mapquest however use my directions once you are on campus dr.
  • from campus dr make a right on west peltason dr.
  • then an immediate left on pereira dr
  • park in the parking structure on the left. i believe all day parking is $5 or $7 however there are also meters.
    a lot of people i know park at the taco bell/innout across the street however you are risking getting towed. but i hear the chances of being towed are fairly low. park at your own risk*
  • walk towards the bookstore, when you see starbucks take a right keep going down past the bridge and on the left you should see humanities hall. HH156 will be in the middle of the bottom floor.

see you guys soon

That’s the perfect day to hold this gathering. 2nd to last day before the Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll be looking forward to this.

FYI you need a UCI ID to go to that link.

This sounds coo…how many people do you have confirmed?

this is the head count. as of now 4, 5 if you go! much more will be coming…they just don’t about this thread yet ;p

There are 12 people in the club so far but more or less people might be showing up when this first gathering finally goes down.

oh yea, please post if you are coming or bringing anything.

h-f blade are you still going to bring your TV? if you do i know you are going to make it a slash or mb setup. thats fine with me :slight_smile: i kinda wanna check out mb…

Heh ok. Yeah I’m still bringing my tv. I have a friend who lives nearby that also wants to attend, if that’s fine with you. I think you said that even non-UCI students are allowed to attend? He’ll be helping me bring the tv over to the intended location.

yup all are welcome

I could bring a 19 inch tv and my ps2/3s and two sticks…but then again if there’s like 10 people showing up it might be a little too much stuff. I’ll wait and see how many more people are going.

UCR > UCI players =p. Possible UCR vs. UCI grudge tourney in the future?

P.S. Good shit to James for getting this going at UCI. We (well, only Jesse, really) tried to get something like this to go at UCR and failed miserably. But we still play anyways…

Who still does to UCR?

i will be attending. i’ll be bringing my stick. if you need another copy of 3s, i will try my best to bring mine (it’s usually being used)

Jesse is on the 6 year plan.

im on the same plan at Cal Poly

I think i can make it to this event. I’ll let you know how many people i could bring with me.


csusb > Yale

Will there by any Guilty Gear playing going down?

Yes there will be. Because I’m bringing a setup for that.

are you gonna bring slash, #r, or midnight homosexuals?

Slash of course.