CFGA (UCIrvine) presents CONSOLE TOURNAMENT 4/18 ! CvS2, 3s, possibly others


**DATE: **
4/18/07 Wednesday

**GAMES: **
Capcom vs SNK 2 (PS2)
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (PS2)
Possibly others if YOU bring a TV and system!
TIME: **
7:20 pm SHARP!!!
tournament must end by 10:50 or else i’ll get charged $40 for each additional hour, so PLEASE show up on time

Cross Cultural Center in UCIrvine

here’s a map to the CCC from the pereira/west peltason intersection provided by my awesome mspaint skills.


  • search this on mapquest

4127 Campus Dr
Irvine, CA

when you are on campus follow these directions)

  • from campus dr make a right on west peltason dr.
  • then an immediate left on pereira dr
  • park in the parking structure on the left. i believe all day parking is $5 or $7 however there are also meters.
  • walk towards the bookstore, when you see starbucks look slightly left and you’ll see a building called Cross Cultural Center

a lot of people i know park at the taco bell/innout across the street however you are risking getting towed. but i hear the chances of being towed are fairly low. park at your own risk!


  • Double elimination. Single game until WF, LF, GF. These matches will be 2/3.
  • $5 to enter each game.
  • Prize breakdown will be 70/20/10. if less than 8 it will be winner take all.

As of now we only have ONE setup for each CvS2 and 3s. However people are welcome to bring their own TV and system to make the tournament faster. PLEASE BRING TVS, SYSTEMS, GAMES, STICKS, etc. We need all the help we can get.

i’m a nice guy so expect top comp for both games



do you want this stickied? ill try to get it stickied for you.


naw don’t. i don’t need it.


Just for future reference: Parking is $7. Meters are 2 an hour. Getting towed at In-and-Out is rare, but getting a ticket is fairly common. The citers across there are pretty sharp, but anal. Best bet is at Jack-in-the-Box, but I’d just pay the 7 bucks instead of risking getting towed or a ticket.

Unfortunetely, I can’t go =(


sux wednesday i cant go =P


Would anyone be interested in a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament? If there’s interest, we might be able to get a setup for it.


Sounds great, James. What’s the break down of the prizes? Winner take all? 70-20-10?


oh yea, if it’s less than 8 it will be winner take all. other than that, 70/20/10.

EDIT: first post edited


make sure you don’t forget the hot asian fob girls with huge boobs and big ass, James


Do you UCI people have tournaments like this often? cause i just saw this thread and thought it was cool. I haven’t been to a tournament in ages… ever since the last MVC2 gamesq tournament near my house

Yeah! I can bring a PS2/Marvel vs capcom2. Oh yeah, default controller should be pad right? Cause i’m a pad-player. if mvc2 does go through then i’ll try to make it, and ask for a day off work




Anyways James, more than likely me, Sanchez and Lenin will be showing up for sure. I know you don’t want us to go cause you want all the money for yourself…but fuck that shit, learn to play area 51 so you can beat that lady’s 2yo. grandson. :rofl:


whoa, i know i said i’d be going to this one but if the parking is 7 dollars, i wont be there. :tdown:


I support all things Bean.


just go you cheapass! i’ll give you 3 bucks.


if i can get mike ross to come along, i’ll go


make it this week and I can go… =)


stay an extra week tae!


Is this in the UCI Student Center?

Along with that CyberCafe and Cha?

Close to Michelson or not close to Michelson?


Chun Li sucks.


love you james, but i dont think anyone from Riverside is coming.


no what you’re thinking of is the shopping center across from campus. you have to go INTO campus. just follow my directions from campus or give me a ring.

not close to michelson

and yea chun li is a ho