CFJ, NGBC, KOF:N Graphics

Im tired of all these new games having bad graphics. I don’t want to sound like a graphics whore but c’mon. Look at all the past games like SF3, Garou, AOF3 they have better graphics than these new games. I was upset when i seen SNK produce the same graphics on the Atomiswave. I think 2D fighters are going back a step. No wonder they are not selling as they used to.

To quote Artie Lang, once heard on the Howard Stern Radio show:

Then we look at you

The end.

Damn, that was cold.


of course i’d like to see more top tier graphics in 2d fighters, but i can deal with low-res sprites and choppy animation to some extent. what really bugs me is a lack of consistency in sprite appearance. look at cfj, the characters dont even look like they’re from the same game.

After i playing SF3 its so hard to get into CFJ. SF3 was such a polished game. You have to admit kof seems as if its been the same from 94 and those alpha sptites have been used so many times.

If i was a graphics whore i would prefer tekken over street fighter.

it’s possible to be a 2d graphics whore too you know

eh, i guess u right but who can blame me.

Anyway i swear SNK had great plans b4 they got bankruppet. But now they have gone back to the same bullshit graphics just look at KOF03, KOF:Neowave and NGBC.

Ahh, I like the graphics from Neowave. There’s just something about it that makes it appealing to me.

have you actually seen nbc for yourself or just videos?

The new SS game looks pretty good from the screen shots, no telling however how it will look in motion. Personally I think it is a marked improvement compared to SSV/0.

Neo Arcadia

I don’t know why so many people on this forum hate good 2d(yes, 2d not talking about 3d) graphics. It’s just if someone would ask you if you rather want sf4 to be with 3s fluid animations or with the kof 96 sprites from snk vs capcom why would you prefer the latter. Yay, the new capcom fighter will have the sprites from 6 years ago again, I’m soo looking forward to this…
That was just my opinion, no offense or anything…

I don’t see the problem with wanting graphics that look like they came from this century.

I don’t care about graphics, as long as the game is fun. I still play Megaman 2… people still play ST.

oh shit, i didnt know theres a new SS in developing…graphic looks hot :pleased:
NGBC graphic looks pretty decent, alot better than kof and svc…the only thing i dont like about this game is the background…i hate 3d background in 2d fighters…

If you like NGBC then u haven’t played SF3 or Garou or GGXX

i played all of them…3S the most in those 3 games…


Co-sign as well. I mean, I’ll admit that I love nice graphics, but gameplay before graphics. SF3 and GGXX just have sweet graphics as a bonus.

im hardly going to listen to the opinion of someone who hasnt even touched the game.

im reserving my opinion till ive put a good amount of time into playing it.