CFJ, NGBC, KOF:N Graphics


Echo that.


According to that article, the character sprites are still in the Neo Geo resolution, but the backgrounds are full of animation…

Go figure :slight_smile:


Obviosly gameplay is better than graphics. My fav SF is SFA3 but imagine it had third strike graphics wouldn’t that make a huge improvement.


No, it wouldn’t. Sure, I’d look very nice, but would it be a big enough improvement to make the game more fun? I don’t think so…


Huh, seriously?

Well they still look a hell of a lot better than the rpevious games IMO. And I am surprised at how rich the colors seem in the screen shots.

Oh well, even if it is basically SS Neowave, as long as it plays good I will definately be trying it out. If I can find it at least.


Wow those pics of the new Sam Sho look good but not as good as This


basically, i think that the companies that choose to do a game in 2d should put a little bit more effort into the presentation of their products.

it shouldn’t be a crime to ask for better graphics. hell, up to date graphics. its 2005. we’ve had the same graphics since 95. =/

why can’t something be high res animation like the lion king movie or something?


I agree, but that’s because those game were made from that era, so should be appreciated as such. But having shoddy graphics when there’s obvious alternatives is different. That’s like Dexter getting a B- on his science test because he didn’t feel like trying.


Because 2D games are not really popular, high res or not. Look at Guilty Gear. The mainstream has no idea what the fuck GG is, and even when they see it, they dont care.


Guilty Gear did not do that bad for a newcomer to come in the 2D fighting scene.

I live in the UK and a lot of casual gamers actually played Third Strike for the first time and they loved it. So many great comments on the graphics its hard not to notice, it just was a shame there were not enough old favourites.