CFN Capcom Fighters Network Q&A

So this feature seems to have a lot of potential.

Video on basic Info and thoughts:

1st Question I have is:
Will we need to make a new CFN user name or is the one from the BETA going to carry over into our live SFV in Feb?

Just had my 1st beta run on steam last night and it went well.

It seems that CFN asked me to register every time the beta has restarted during the stress test, and then once in the Beta 2

The yesterday’s stress test asked you to register once again

So I suppose they’ll keep doing this up until release so that the leaderboards won’t get filled in too early

Once the game drops - just register officially within the game and you’re good to go

I wonder if the game will have record the following.

Which characters you lose against the most.

How many times you’ve been crush countered.

In the last beta I didn’t get crushed countered not one lol. I was actually amazed but I did get thrown a lot.

I haven’t had to register my name since Beta 2. It just logged me in and I hope I don’t have 2 again. Honesty the whole idea seems stupid. I have a username on psn just let me use that, it’s even more annoying when u put in the same name as ur psn and it’s taken

I think it’s due to crossplay, you need a unified playerbase/name. On steam you can freely switch.

I hope they’ll change the character limit from 6-26 to 4-26 :-/

In that video VesperArcade is incorrect about how Elo works.

The league system in league is not part of it - that’s their own feature implemented in order to stop players from being as worried about losing, the proverbial “WELL DONE YOU MADE IT TO TOP 5%!” You start with inflated hidden mmr next season, but if you lose games your mmr goes down. You cannot just keep your mmr high for free - not playing causes mmr decay. The hidden mmr is the Elo system, not the actual league/ranking. In street fighter anybody regularly playing ranked will be going up and down correctly - in fact 1v1 games are literally the perfect situation in which to use a naive implementation of Elo, because there’s no confounding effects from teammates!