CG Akuma Model

This was not done by me, i found it on another forum, i figured you guys might be interested. I think it’s really awesome.

Sorry if this has already been posted, i searched and found nothing.

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A true 3d sf game would be really cool if it was done right.
It’d tick those premmies off though.

Wow great find, only crit I could give is I think his balls should be a little bigger… you know his “prayer beads” :sweat:

it looks ok i guess. his beads and rope aren’t finished and the wrinkles on his clothing look really forced and not in sync with his body. his face is ass though. somethings about him look better than sf4’s akuma but for the most part he doesn’t. nice find by the way

I suppose it’s down to personal opinion/preference.

Also the model is low poly, so i guess he may of scrimped on some areas to keep the poly count down.

that really is neat, it looks like a demo for some upcoming toy haha