CGL SF4 Online tourney with PRIZES

Spreading the word about this online tourney sponsored by Dell.

The College Gaming League (CGL) isn’t just for college students anymore, as the Spring Madness events are now open to everyone in the US age 17+!

If you couldn’t participate before due to not being a part of a participating Dell school, you now can take your shot at the thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs in the FREE Spring Madness events!

Registration is still open for the following events that are set to take place April 13th - April 26th…

* Counter-Strike 1.6 (1v1 - PC)
* Gears of War 2 (4v4 - Xbox 360)
***Street Fighter IV** (1v1 - Xbox 360)

Prize breakdown for each game:

* 1st Place - $500 Dell Gift Card
* 2nd Place - $250 Dell Gift Card
* 3rd Place - $100 Dell Gift Card

Don’t hesitate and sign up now at … it’s FREE!


Ugh, I’m only 16.

Representing the ghettoness known as UCR!!!

rofl seth and gouken are not allowed

lol registration closed

Yeah, my match is tonight at 6PST, I think I’m playing a girl… Or the parents named a boy Tiffany.

EDIT: This is the worst turn out for a tournament, all of my opponents had to forfeit. 2 never got online, and I waited for 2 hours to see if they’d show. The other one decided to ignore me and play Halo3… This is retarded, I made it to the god damn Championship Bracket without playing a single god damn match.

lol look at the bright side easy money

I only played 2 matches myself lol

anyone know when the finals start

True, but I didn’t like how it pretty much tied me down to my house for an hour each day just to make sure they wouldn’t show up…

P.S. Hit me up on Live later, haven’t played your Guile in ages.


Probably this upcoming week, the site said this while registering: TOURNAMENT:Apr 13th - Apr 26th

So I’m guessing it will start this week.

im starting a fun amateur tourny if anyone is interested :slight_smile:
check link on my sig if you want to sign up. Its for amateurs to expierence a tourny and its fun , and to maybe move a level up in sfiv.

GG’s to anyone who played in the CGL tourney and I played (especially my last 3 matches!)

Hope to play you guys again!

can i still sign up for this tourney? or has it all ready started?

It’s done I just won last night x_x


Thanks had a some tough fights in it :slight_smile: