CGL Weekly CVS2 and SF33S Results

cvs2-20 entrants
1] Combofiend- A-eagle, rolento, rock
2] Pigadoken- P-rolento, cammy, sagat
3] Watson- C-vega, guile, chun li (i get ch’s for free), and sagat
4] Hung Bizzle- C- yamazaki, chun li, iori
5] Paul Lee- A-are
5] Clockquette- K-kyo, geese, sagat
7] Lawerence K-ken, cammy, sagat
7] Duc Do- C-vega, cammy, blanka
9] Julius Jackson
9] Jesse Gan
9] Burberry Bagnus
9] The Don Don
11] Dentron
11] Potter
11] Caesar
11] Eric Choi
11] Matt
13] DASH
13] Vasaznion
13] J-Peso

3s-22 entrants
1] Mike Watson-kkkkkken
2] Combofiend- gaylena
3] Hungbee- oro
4] Pigadoken- ken
5] Don- Alex
5] Justus- Chun li
7] Caesar- Hugo
7] Paul Lee
too lazy to post the rest

upset: Justus beats paul lee
wattson has a 40 streak b4 tourney
Bill peaces out eric choi from tourney
Bill was stuntin’ yesterday.

GGs to everyone I played at this tourney! Duc, it was nice meeting you before our CVS2 match! GGs to Watson in 3S too. Hopefully I’ll make it out to the next one.

What place did I get Pig? You fucking prick, at least put my name on that shit.