CGY HQ opens, let the training begin


Opening date June 1st 2011

Contemporary Natural Stones 2nd floor
620 - 36 Ave NE

Inspired by the east coast competitive scene, we have decided to open up a HQ for all you Calgary guys that want to level up and do some gaming. We will have 6 setups with lagless Lcds, super speed internet (after June 2011), weekly tournaments ranbats and winners get a chance to fly to EVO for free (2012 and onwards, after evo 2011).

Hours of operation are based on key holders, and there will be rules onsite you can read up on. Some of the rules are:

  1. Any physical violence or threat of violence will not be tolerated, you will lose your entry fee(s) and be banned from CGYHQ (possibly all Canada Cup tournaments as well) Depending on the severity of your actions.

  2. Payment on entries. Please understand that there is no profit to be made at CGYHQ and we may be losing money to provide entertainment to our scene. If you do not have payment we cannot let you in just because we don’t want the headache of chasing people down for money.

  3. Alcohol and drugs in premises or surrounding area are prohibited; we are sub leasing CGYHQ and can lose our business licence at any moment.

Current key holders,
Derryk (Derryk) (403-542-2561)
Johear (Jamie) (403-510-8385)
Thelastwolves (Dug) (403-465-5726)
Dirgesong (Troy) (403-850-4465)

$6 per entry
$3 entry 60 mins before to closing
$50 for 10 passes
$80 for 20 passes
$35 for monthly pass

Current hours
Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday,Sat - 5:30pm - close
Wednesday - Close
Sunday - depending on key holders

Hours are subject to change depending on key holders.

More information at

Lap Chi Duong

Calgary Thread 2011
Calgary Thread 2011
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yeah! way to go Lap Chi. thanks alot, and see you there.
If you or any of the key holders need any help with anything, count me in. (403) 542-5261


So ballin’ shit. Pretty damn jelous.


Hm, a dedicated place where we can learn from others?
Best idea ever.


Good stuff, Calgary.


Congrads on the HQ guys.
I hope you dont run into the same shit I had to live :slight_smile:



Trying to read this from my phone, and the text in the first post is showing as black on black background… argh! Lol


thanks man.

lets get this show on the road!


Any advice would be great!



Advice #1 Dont let it take over your daily life :slight_smile:

my other advice would be just have fun doing it guys … make sure people dont fuck you over … make sure you have a good system for people to pay as they walk in … get a mini fridge with lots of drinks … just ban beer from day one … share cleaning tasks … thats about it i guess …


Thanks man!

Hmm the 1st is a Weds! Maybe we can open a bit earlier.


good job boss


Lap and I also agreed tomorrow night we’ll be doing a free sneak peek.

So come down and get your game on. I know that I need a shit ton of training for Evo


Who’s closing tomorrow night?


Me I think I think. My bed time will still be someone else’s wake up time for a few more weeks.


I don’t know how to sticky this :frowning:

(for reals…)

edit: nm, i’m GADlike


DaDesi’s powers are mighty.


This is awesome. Not being able to go to Tubby’s most of the times due to work will not be as painful anymore. Thanks very much.


That’s cool I suppose.

I’d go if I had any money.

Do you guys have a picture of this place by any chance?