CH cr.LP > Ultra 2



Hi all, I am a Balrog player mainly but I do like to dabble with Dee Jay in casuals and I’m starting to learn a bit more about him.

Anyway I was looking at his frame data and noticed that cr.LP is +6 on hit, therefore +7 on CH. With his Ultra 2 being 1+7 I didn’t think the two would link but gave it a go anyway.

So yeah, has this always been a thing? I couldn’t find anything online about it which is why I posted it here. Try it yourself, because the link seems fairly easy considering it’s supposed to be 1f (although I would argue 0f including the 1f prior to flash).

Sorry if this is old news!


Just tried it in the lab, I could see it being a viable tactic but it’s just too much work for me. If I connect with a counter hit cr.jab I would just link that into another cr.jab or cr.strong into EX.MGU and then U2.

Anyway, welcome to the DeeJay forums, I think Balrog and DeeJay share a lot common. Trying to apply Balrog’s option selects to DeeJay is pretty interesting.


If you do the meaty cr.lp setup (, jump forward and whiff an air normal, c.lp) then couldn’t you land this even if it isn’t a CH?


Its easier to hitconfirm from a ch Easier link and longer time to react.


Wouldn’t you lose your charge for the U2 then?


The u2 charge is stored long enough