CH far MP, Ultra link

Legit? I landed it twice yesterday. I figure if I can do it with super, why not ultra? Works pretty well if you fish for the counter hit, I think it’s a 2 or 3 frame link.

Im not gdlk enough to React to a CH But nice to know.

I often do c.lp c.lp on hit, it doesn’t combo but it counterhits if they’re mashing jab or short. I condition them first by doing c.lp tick throws on hit instead of comboing to fierce.

ch mp, ultra is a 1f link, I’ve gotten it once in a match.
IMO it’s not worth it because it’s difficult getting counterhit while holding db/walking backwards, it also takes too much focus confirming the counterhit so you end up taking too much attention away from everything else going on in the match.
It’s one of those things you can go for for fun in casuals, but in a tournament I definitely would not see it as a viable strategy, I usualy go for ch, instead.
Another nice ch combo on range is ch st.hp, st.hp.

i’ve completely given up on it… man if i had better rections i would be all over it… but after months of trying it… it just isnt worth it to me… chun has to give up too much in order to do it:

the way i do it is to buffer the motion just as st .mp is hitting. the problem is that if i dont get a counterhit, i’ve lost my charge and gotten nothing in return.

and the biggger problem is that its only really viable after a blocked jumpin or perhaps a neutrl jump…

but needing a jumpin to get charge makes it not very good… and just walking backwards and throwing out hoping for a counterhit while buffering the motion and losing chuns charge isnt very good either imho.

but if other people have different results, rock that shit… its an extremely powerful tactic that if could be mastered by someone would be ridiculous… just look at vvv scrub using dash ultra with rog versus daigo… man that guy was awesome with the dash ultra skills…

as i said before:

some people.


only in traning mode for me i dont hit enough to even dare do it in matches

I thought far MP gave +5 normally, which means +8 on CH. +8 would make it a two framer.

I’m gonna look into it’s utility for a bit. It’s nice getting the full ultra damage in a combo. cr.lp after they get scared of throw. If they block that, you’re still in range to counter poke with, so you can throw one out and if it stuffs something, ultra it. No one expects to get ultra’d from a standing strong, so it’s not like people are going to be playing around it.

This brings me back to CvS2 chun confirming CH jabs… ahhh =]

I thought counter hits on medium attacks gave +2, not +3? I thought it was only HP and HK that gave +3.

Nah I think it’s
light: +1
medium/hard/specials: +3

That’s why Chun ch, st.hp combos.

its in the compendium guys, in shining souls frame data thread for chun.

but yeah skatans right… I THINK! (been awhile since i visited that thread)


I tried it out again yesterday, it definitely seems like a viable trick to have up your sleeve. The link is actually really easy, I haven’t missed it yet thanks to SF4’s reversal window.

Got it in a match tonight :slight_smile: Very very happy about that, it was just against a mate but hey… Oh yeah and I lost the match 2 - 0 cos I spent the whole time with ultra fishing for it at the expense of… well… not getting beat down.

I did find it funny as I did it and heard my mate say, “that doesn’t work! Oh great another way this game is broken, nice going capcom”…

Fun then but given the hassle of landing it once in like 5 games, and at the cost of just losing and looking like a fool I’ll give it a miss (unless I can learn to bait CH in a manner I can predict)…

But a combo is not a reversal?

Whenever you hit, buffer the ultra motion and hit 3K only when you see the counterhit sign pop up. If nothing pops up, don’t press 3K. It’s really not that hard to do, just gotta have set ups that fish for it.

Essentially it’s the same thing. Hitting a special right after a recovery frame.

I’m still thinking this is a 1f link.

If you look at Fei Long’s framedata you have his which is +7 on hit I think, on ch you’re +10.
His hp rekka is 10f and it combos from it, his ultra however is also 10f but does not combo from it, no matter how close you are.

Chun c.hp x hk legs, mk legs is +7 on hit, , c.hp and all combo from it so it’s definitely +7.
Her ultra however does not combo from it, I’m starting to think that the game needs a 2f window to confirm that you actually want to do an ultra.
So you’re never getting the ultra out on the first frame when you’ve recovered, but on the 2nd frame instead.

So in conclusion, even if ch is +8 on ch, the game takes an extra frame to confirm that you’re doing hosenka, so you actually just have 1f to do it on.

^^^ i’m pretty sure that all of feis rekkas have the same startup of 7 frames… just like chuns ultra.

-edit…nope… they are 10 frames on hard punch… wow fei sucks…


It’s working for me but it’s still too risky and I can only see it viable in certain situations like Balrogs Dash Punches. Basically situations where you can see them coming a mile away.

Even still this is a very High Risk High Reward move. I would have to becareful not to over train this or I may start trying to link this move too much causing more losses than wins. Either way nice find.

^^^ hey now… he didnt find it… its been in the compendium for a LOOOOONG time now… ( i didnt find it either)

but yeah like caliagent says its just like chuns 3s cancel late buffer… you always do the super motion, and then if you see the hit you just press kick. in this case you just substitute with and qcf x 2 with f,b,f…

i’ve been waiting for some chun out there to take that to the next level… i dont have the reaction time to do it.

also something that i use that shizza can attest 2 is focus attack lvl 2 backdash > ultra… this is really easy to do and easy as a hitconfirm plus chun needs no precharge to do it… i dont know why more chuns arent using this… its really good.