CH > U2

Guys, I think that I discovered an easy way to do CH > U2, but it will only work on keyboards.

The trick is in the U2 input, all you have to do is charge db and never release it, then double tap forward, then KKK.

Simple, do CH input, then start charging db like you do when you are going to do CH > ST, but never release the db, then tjust CH > press db > “dash forward” > KKK.

This is how it looks when your vega is facing left.

EDIT: Holy crap, I just CH > U2 with the opponent standing.
EDIT2: I just recorded the CH > U2 with the opponent standing

wohoo PC Vega destroys 3DS Guile :wink:

But I gues that means that Capcom now have to increase the start up frames to 60 in the next patch…

edit: my keyboard apparently doesn’t allow too many inputs at once so it doesn’t work for me - maybe it is time to buy those awful “hitboxes” the sticks without a stick
There you go.

And star, all you need is 3 button pressed at once, 2 for the db charge and 1 for the others. Its freaking hard to connect, at least for me, its not like CH > ST haha. You need a good spacing, you can see it on my video, and you have do the inputs really damn fast.

yeah you can do it too on consoles if you play with what they call a “hitbox”, you can theoretically do it with a stick to, if you can go back from front to db in very few frames 1 would be same as what decribed above.

alternately you can work on you ultraII motion speed to compensate for your lack of charge buffering, but in that department too “hitbox” perform better since all there is to do is tap front twice and press 3K while keeping db. pressed they really never lose a single frame of db charge.

haztlan since you can play with keyboard pretty well, can you try to land that combo in training mode ?

ji.LK , cr.LK xx L.RCF

it works best if you can land the meaty. keyboard will let you buffer db charge for the whole duration of the jump something a lot more difficult to do with a stick.

use cr.MK instad of cr.LK before it is 2 frames easier ( longer impact freeze) also you ll be forced into 5 frames of startup from a buffered cr.MK trip landing, while cr.LK cannot be buffered unless you are ready to loose 2 frames of startup charge.

Yeah, I just landed the one with cr.MK.
Want to see the video or it was just for the sake of curiosity? heh
Because that combo is pretty useless, or am I wrong? =P

Well, playing with this buffering thing I did ji.HK , cr, MK , EX ST. 314 dmg is good, 500 stun is amazing. Now all I need is someone that let me jump in on him twice! haha

I am not a vega expert, so bear with me if I say something that you all know for years.

**ji.HK , cr, MK , EX ST **

yeah that one is a 3 years old one,

it is unsafe on block and it is difficult to hit confirm with it (though possible). in any case it is pretty useless even as a sole purpose of punishing an ultra or scoring on a dizzy.

if you are going to pull that then you might as well pull

**ji.HK >> cr.MK >> H.ST **you lose 40 stun and 16 damage but you save 250 meter. **ji.HK >> cls.MK >> H.ST **is even better because it whiffs a lot less.

if you are really after stun **ji.HK >> cls.MK >> L.ST >> EX.ST will score 1 more damage and 25 more stun and save you 54 meter. ** **ji.HK >> cls.HP1 ** >> L.ST >> EX.ST whiffs less but does 19 less damage similar stun but saves you 74 meter.

If you are after meter ji.HK >> cls.HP >> fst.HK is your best bet 288 damage, 460 stun, +204 meter (that is 80% of a bubble) only it doesn’t work on some characters alternately you can use ji.HK >> cls.HP >> cr.HP that works too except on a few diffrent chars or **ji.HK >> cls.HP1 >> H.RCF **which always works.

But generally speaking **ji.HK >> cls.HP >> cr.MP >> EX.FBJ ^^ ID **will be the best choice in about every situation you can think of. it is one of the best damage you can hope for with that level of execution along with reasonable stun at a reasonable meter price, stun is overrated for vega… man pulling a dizzy with vega is tough, lucky safe jump, lucky oki streak and izuna loop aside you need to let people breeze to screw them over otherwise you get shoryued.

If you are really after something flashy using keyboard gimmick buffering you can pull ji.HK >> ultra2 or if your execution is amazing ji.HK >> CH >> ultra II and that is the best damage you can do as a jump in punish.

Great so it is possible indeed,

And no it is not really useless quite the opposite indeed.
It is the hardest jump in to parry you can execute with vega, it is the hardest jump in to focus,
it is 100% safe on block, leave you at good distance to kara throw or overhead, bait a reversal, poke and with a down back charge ready to punish a jump with ST.
you can always throw instead of cr.LK or maybe you can throw after the cr.LK, whih means you can trade safety for mixup
and if you hit you can spend confirm and spend meter into FAC-FDC >> HK should it preove intresting.
It does reasonable damage at no meter cost if anything hits and even if nothing hits you get some meter and 27 damage anyway.
once you have proved this is a true blockstring and shoryu never works you can add a cr.lp before the
You can option select a slide or cosmic heel to beat backdash dodging of your jump in.
If afore mentioned option select doesn’t work on your enemy and he can dodge your jump in, you only perform the which doesn’t leave you open like a heavy move does when dodged.
whenever you want you can replace the with a which fucks up all the guys timings for teching your grabs, give you a much better frame trap setup, and also pushes you far back which is very good to catch an enemy red handed with whiff mashing or turboing his crouching jab.
whenever you want you can change the ji.LK with a ji.HK which also opens for more damage opportunity fucks up once again all grab tech timings and also enable you to land an instant over head by immediatly performing jb.HP.
also on some opponents >> >> M.RCf also comboes, and it does better damage, better meter and also pepople tend to leave their block after expected rcf claw thrust which in this case … doesn’t happen when they are used to , and they get hit by the last 3 moves of M.RCF.

Just by all means don’t use it as a punish combo, because yeah there is so much better to do when hitting is guaranteed.

I am going to try these. Although I think that **ji.HK >> CH >> ultra II **is too much for me =p.

Ok, I tried, I just couldnt connect ji.HK >> CH, damn it, any tips? If I do that its pretty possible that I can get that U2 afterwards.
And when I though that ji.HK > Ultra2 would work, (Yang had his head back there when the ultra motion started), bang, blocked. Its what always happen.

U2 had it startup increased in AE? If so, that is probably what is making the U2 being blocked on ji.HK >> ultra2 .

EDIT: I did it again, and it always look like that:

yeah… just make sure you hit ji.HK deep… on the video you hit Yang pretty high. U2 in AE has 9 frame start-up(i think). just like cl.HP so i think j.HK/j.HP >> Ultra 2 is doable.

same for CH… just make sure the jump in is deep. but definitely harder since CH has 14frame start-up

Well, I dont know what is happening, but even with Counter Hit I just cant pull it off.
I’ll leave that to someone that have a hitbox and lighting fast fingers, or to capcom, to decrease the startup time of U2.

As far as I can tell, this is impossible. But I hope that someone prove me wrong.

EDIT (does all my posts have an EDIT?): I did it, heh, the ji.HK > U2
Sorry for not showing the entire ultra, happens out that fraps stopped recording right when the ultra connected. But the ultra connected as you can see in the last frames.
Now, ji.HK > CH is freaking impossible to do, does anyone have any video that shows that combo?

yeah… just did it in training, its possible…but hard. the jump in needs to be very deep… that just the rules of jumping in. the deeper it hits the more frame advantage you get… nj.HK can also be used.

well connects it is a 5 frame link( thanks to trip guard buffer) if you hit with any heavy jump in meaty that is the tricky part if it is not extremely meaty it doesn’t combo at all.

CH^^Ultra II you did already.

Yeah, the ji.HK > CH I already did, but when the CH lands the other char is too close to give me time to charge the U2, even with this dash forward trick.

i puled of CH U2 on a standing opponent on pad… hard as fuck tho. easier in super

Yeah, sometimes the U2 animations starts and you think you connected, but it whiffs because the opponent is already on the floor.