CH3 - "Chicago Heart 3" 8/14 MvC3/AH3/BBCS2/MB/SF4 tourney interest gauge check!

Hey guys, welcome to the 3rd unofficial “Chicago Heart” tournament series! I’ll be in Chicago in August, and I figured that while I’m there, why not throw a tourney? I know it’s 2 weeks after evo, but the date is set for that weekend (8/13 or 8/14 hasn’t been 100% decided yet), after that, its a matter of finding a venue and people to help run the tourneys, as well as to bring the systems. The game list isn’t 100% set in stone either.

Anyways, the location will be either in Chicago, or in the chicagoland area. Depending on the interest depends on how big of a venue I’ll want to get. If it doesn’t seem like many people will show, then I don’t need to rent a big place. On the other hand, if interest is high, then I will do what I can to rent a bigger place.

Date - 8/13/2011 OR 8/14/2011
Location - Chicagoland

The game list is tenatively:

Definite games:
Marvel vs Capcom 3 360 (run by ???)
Arcana Heart 3 - PS3 (run by HeartNana)
Naruto 4 - Gamecube (run by ???)
GGAC - PS2 (run by Elvenshadow)
Street Fighter IV - (run by Humbag and ???)
Soul Calibur 2 - (run by digimonemperor)
Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 (run by Frankie and ???)


Melty Blood Actress Again - If people will come for this game, it will be run. If there’s no interest, then the game will be canned.

I don’t have an exact amount yet, but there will MOST LIKELY be a venue fee of $10, $5 off if you bring a system+game or tv, and $10 off if you bring both.

About team tournies - While I do like the idea of team tourneys as well as singles, it comes down to an issue of time. In addition, MvC3 and SFIV bring in a lot of people, and running both of those games at the same time seems difficult, as well as running teams/singles for both. For those games, just the singles tourney might be best, but I’ll accept any feedback.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask. Any interest whatsoever will help too! If you’re free to help run a tourney, that’d be great, too!

You can only use one finger when playing Naruto Rob.


This sounds kinda schway.

I’d go.

Webster - Side tourneys will really depend on the size of the place. I want to get all the games on the tenative list as definites before i worry about games that aren’t listed yet…

Scrimps - <3


This is how hype I am right now.

Yeah I’ll prolly need 2 people (at least) to run mvc3 and sfiv, seeing as how that makes it a lot easier.

Also, what would be better for people, 8/13 or 8/14?
Either day is fine by me, but if a buncha people want it on the sat, then I’ll throw it on the sat (8/13) , otherwise I’ll leave it as is?

i hate you so much right now 6 :[
Also, I’d definitely try to go for Mahvel/Arcana, maaaaaaaaybe Melty and/or CS2.


You’ve got the stronger games, so I could see some OK / OKgamers types making it up - throw some Soul Calibur love in too eh!!


added soul calibur 2 to the tenative list.

I ran SSF4 at Frostys which got 100+ people just so you know.

I would perhaps be up to run MvC3 and maaaaybe ssf4.

james - for sure, whichever game you would rather run, lemme know, you’re good.

I’ll go.

wish I could but I’ll be in vegas that weekend. Good luck with the tournament.

Should call the tournament “Chicago Heart III, Mutants on the Rise!”.

rob, ill be in town so im down. can i run ggac?

Absolutely! GG is all yours!

would love to make it if for nothing else than to visit everyone. i can definitely help with loose odds and ends if i’m there :slight_smile:


so this is where the thread is.

arcana heart yes!

UGH soul calibur 2!!! don’t remember the last time I played but I’ll definitely enter for that if it ends up happening. will practice a bit once it’s surely happening (gotta find that disc…)

Sounds like a good time for sure.

Rob I’d like to help run MVC3 and BBCS2(If there’s enuf interest)

I can’t wait for this! The best time for tourneys is after EVO cuz that just shows who’s really hungry.