Chain and link normals.... how do you use your "rithm"

Ok today I was reading a topic about option-select normals into chains and I stared at this:

" you can input os command also during chain normals: while u chain c.lp pres to option
selecting the sweep and catch a backdash…"
then the article continues explaining that this thing works more or less because while u are chaining c.lp if the foe blocks then the game engine recognise that it was pressed too early to LINK but if the foe backdash then the has priority over c.lp (for reach advantage I think) and LINK. overriding the c.lp and catching the backdash

This make me think about my conception of blockstring or hitconfirm and how I am executing it atm.

I use akuma and one of his hitconfirm is c.lp , c.lp > xx l.k tatsu ("," chain “>” link “xx” cancel)

to perform this combo I learned to TIME every input in a sort of rhythm to train my muscle memory and my ears with the click of the fightstick buttons:

so if i want to perform it I do something like c.lp “ww” c.lp “wwww” “ii” tatsu

where “w” stands for wait while “i” stand for immediatly press or mash or use no brain nor rhythm and every time i want to pull of the combo it doesn’t matter where i am i know that in my brain the rhythm is

ww - wwww - ii and will work (90% of the time) ( or something that to my ears sound like click-click pause clickclick)

but the new statement on OS is telling me that in order to make the OS work i have to change my rhythm into

iiiiiiiiiii(OS)iiiiiiiiiiiiii - wwww - xx (clickclickclickclick-click-clickclickclickclick pause clickclick)

where during the first iiiii I am MASHING c.lp and c.lp + and i have to start “thinking” about rhythm only when I want to link the (supposing the foe didn’t backdash and os was useless)

this sounds to me EXTREMELY difficult and watching some pros replay i didn’t see they mash (or chain) a couple of jab and then “decelerate” rithm suddenly to LINK to another normal to cancel in a combo ender… so I am a little bit concerned about this

what do you think about?
am I crazy or does it have any sense to you?

EDIT: As u can see from my mistake I’m not english -.-

Mashing almost never works during blockstrings or combos. In this case you’ll just have to get used to the new timing for the first two jabs.

Using your notation it’s like: jab w jab+sweep (hitconfirm) wwww xx whatever. The point is not to do it so fast that you end up pressing roundhouse too soon when the backdash happens and it doesn’t come out, but not too slow either so that the sweep doesn’t come out on block or hit. You just need to practice the timing. Try whiffing jab, jab+rh in training mode first so that you get a jab and then a sweep, and then try that same timing on a blocking opponent. If your timing is right, you will get two jabs instead. Then practice doing the full combo with the OS included.

I’m curious why these kinds of optionselects work though. Is chain canceling not possible on whiff or something?

ok but i have another question.

Do you mind the rhythm while ur chaining or not?
do u match the number of jab on the screen to the number of time u press the c.lp button and at the end u slow down a little bit to link the or do you simply tap the c.lp quickly waiting for the one that lands on the foe and then u “time” only the link to to continue the combo?

cos i don’t care about OSelecting normal; I have bigger issue to solve before I can start training those kind of things. But usually when i face let’s say Ryu i find myself crouching in front of him timing a block string of chain c.lp waiting for an hit to switch to xx tatsu and while i’m timing my c.lp I notice that he is mashing c.lp too but he doesn’t seem to take care of any “tempo” (or timing).

Timing your moves correctly is always better than mashing, so yes, I do mind the rhythm when I chain normals. It’s faster than linking, but other than that, there’s no difference execution-wise. If you mash, you’re more likely to make mistakes, so just keep your cool, chain the jabs (or even better, chain a short into a jab so you will catch stand-blocking) and be ready with the when you see the hit. With Akuma you also need to confirm that the opponent is standing or the tatsu will whff (except for EX), so make sure to practice that too.

If your opponent is mashing jabs during your blockstrings, you can do a frame trap by doing a blockstring with a small gap in it (Akuma is +2 on block with 4 frames of startup, so another immediately after will leave only a 2-frame gap, which is not enough for a jab to interrupt) so that the opponent will get counterhit. Be creative with your counterhit setups though, Akuma has lots :slight_smile: Pay attention to spacing too… You don’t want to whiff normals in front of your opponent.

thx for the reply chosuke, at least I know i’m training myself in the right way :smiley:
meantime I realized exactly how can i use frametraps too

tnx a lot

the FUCK are you talking about?

Uh I didn’t read your entire post but I saw something about the jab/sweep OS. It’s actually really easy. You can delay the chained jab longer than you think and it will still chain. That’s part of how you get the sweep OS to work. You actually do :lp:, :lp:+:hk:. It’s all in the timing of the chain. It’s very easy to practice: set the opponent to all block. If you get jab, sweep on whiff but jab, jab on block/hit then you’re doing it right.

All that shit you posted to explain the rhythm makes no sense to me and I’m not gonna try to understand it, sorry.

To combo off a chained jab into a linked mp is harder than linking all the lp’s because you need 2 different timings. This is not ‘extremely hard.’ Whenever someone does xx cr.lp -> xx lk tatsu (or whatever) they are using two different timings.

If you want to see the leniency on chaining jabs, pick Gouken and do cr.lp’s. These only combo as a chain, not as a link. So see how long you can delay the followup jab and get it to combo.

Every button input should give you another move unless you’re doing an option select generally. You don’t mash.

Chousuke: the way you explained it is exactly right. You can’t chain normals on whiff. You usually can’t cancel them at all but there are exceptions. Also, there’s something called hitstop or impact freeze that makes whiffing different than hitting or blocking.