Chain Goddess Bracelet into Red Fire Dragon

It is very possible. Just make the input right after the last fireball is thrown, much like you would to chain bracelets. I prefer this as the timing is a much more forgiving, and hits the entire screen, including OTG.

Jes’ Sayin…

Very good in my opinion, there’s a lot of stuff that you can chain after the Goddess’ Bracelet, including a magic series, another Goddess’ Bracelet (see Arthur’s Loop), the Lvl 3 Hyper, Launcher, the list is endless, take notes about this, because that tactic gave me many wins.

Thanks for the info!

Save the Princess - 400k damage

3 Goddess’ Bracelets - 600k+ damage

You are far better off linking bracelets UNLESS you have caught an assist OR if you need a move with lots of invincibility(Arthur is invincible during frames 1-229 which is just about the entire super)

I don’t know if it’s common knowledge yet but Arthurs lvl 3 is x-factor cancellable. I can’t think of anyone else other than chris that can do this.

So wouldn’t that mean that A Save the Princess and Goddess Bracelet would do about 600K+ for one more meter? As well as the full screen advantage and crazy invincibility frames?

I think I’d personally prefer this, cause chained bracelets are very difficult for me to time.

For 4 meters you either get 600k+ (Goddess’ Bracelet > Save the princess)
or you get 800k+(4 Goddess’ Bracelets linked together)

Benefit of learning linked bracelets is that besides the damage you get, you might not need 4 meters to kill the opponent and this way you have the option of saving meters. 4 meters is not the easiest thing to build with Arthur and once you have no meter you’ve lost your best way at creating space(blocked Goddess’ Bracelets)

Little tip i figured out in training mode while reading the bible is to input the command for the next bracelet when the hit count is 18 hits higher after the bracelet begins, 20 hits if you’re really close to the opponent. Also when you input the command double tap the buttons only, this creates a p-link style idea where you get 2 inputs within a few frames of each other and might help you with that timing. WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT USE A DOUBLE JOYSTICK MOTION WHEN TRYING THIS BECAUSE YOU WILL GET A DHC EVERY TIME. Remember Goddess’ Bracelets link NOT CHAIN meaning there’s a very small window to actually input the command. Also there are no button up inputs in this game(for some reason capcom felt the need to remove this important and standard technique)

You should only use Save the Princess if you have caught an assist or if you are going to kill their top character(Phoenix, Sentinel, etc) since it does cost 3 meters and as I said before it’s not that easy to build meter in this game or as Arthur in general.