Chaining ShoShoSho to Super



I do my SHOSHOSHO CC with KKKK (KKPP) DP then QCF + HP, QCB + HK, Super

Since the Spinning kick takes out relatively a lot of A groove time, my damage have been reduces. Any tips on chaining the Super without the Spinning?? Everytime I try to perform the Super (2x QCF), it does DP motion + HK (the move she hit 3 times in the air):bluu:


just wait a tiny bit longer to press the button so it registers as a super I guess


uh… just do it real fast… or try doing HCF instead of QCF fast… that’s what I seem to do…


yea… just wait until your qcbx2 motion is completed before hitting the kick… AND do it fast

edit: and what the hell is all that kkk ppp p stuff? I have no clue what you are talking about.


or, to make it even easier…

do a LK hurricane instead od the RH one. waaaay shorter and you only lose like 2-3 hits or so.


thx for all the advices, ill try to do it with the mix of all the advices given :cool:

Gwai Lo: KKKK or KKPP means the 4x HK before the SHOSHOSHO. Sometimes, I prefer KKPP <-- ( HK HK HP HP), I was just laZz to type it all that out O_O

(don’t complain about the spelling or the grammar, I work A LOT today and I’m tired!! :wink: )