Chains after Activation

I’m trying to learn the things you can do after activation so it looks flawless and there are no openings. So, I would like to reference nitto’s performance in the last ranbat 6/23. Can anyone tell me exactly what nitto did against the necro and yun players? i’m looking for stuff like, low short, low short, st. strong, forward fierce, that kinda stuff. I would appreciated it. I need to learn how to close the distance while setting up possible combo opportunities to juggle.

hmm, I dunno much about GJ pressure, but you should check JD’s how to yun thread

the things I use varies, but I hope it help you
since I rarely use crouching combos, I tend to make juggle starters less than 3 hits when connected, to make juggling time longer, but, combo away if you must ( it’s safer too)

-ok: any low kick leads to a direct (you can repeat lk up to 3 times, but one mk only):
f.hp or palm(close range) in corner or st.hp, fierce shoulder/palm, hp lunge mid screen

-when mixing up, crouch hitting UOH can link low lk to juggle
-avoid kyaku) when mixing
-try to use zenpou tenshin only for the last moments (and mix that usage too, hehe)

so for combos the ones I use are: to…/palm…/st.hp, shoulder…
-UOH(crouch hit) to to anything above…
-(good for wake up/meaty options) close hp(2hit) to to anything above…
-air target combo (lp,f.hp) to close or to anything above…(air to air tc works as well, but I’ll stick an hp before the close for parry happy people)
-(very close) to hk upkicks…
-far st.lp to st.hp to f.hp

just examples, since almost any normal is linkable in GJ (do not use close, not linkable to anything)
do you have the video links?

anyway, the sure fire system is to be cool, and strike when the opponent retaliates. If he just turtles, just zenpou tenshin. Change your mixing rhythm too

hope it helps!

ah! there’s one not very used, due to harsh timing and damage scaling
GJ standing hk surprises people a lot, and you can follow with palm/ to kicks(corner) and mp shoulder/lp lunge punch(midscreen)

just to add to waraboushi’s post, if you’re going for the s.fp to shoulder, make sure you have the distance so his longer ranged fist comes out, not the 2 hit “upper palm” used for meatys. the “palm” will not hit.

*if the palm does hit it should still connect, but in certain spacing situations the palm will whiff, which you obviously want to avoid