Challenge: Avatar Request


i am looking for an avatar that has team storm/sent/capcom on one side and team row on the other, and in between this->R.A.W
sond like a challenge? any takers? thanks will be given in my sig!
P.S. if it can be one of those avatars that have moving sprites or just an avatar with bright colors…coo’?


wow, 6 characters in 1 avatar, i dont think you’ll get this cuz many people here hate doint team avatars of 3 people and this thing you want has 6 -_-’


since your not premium and you want it animated…even if it wasnt…id say this request would be impossible.


I said it was a challenge:D but…if 6 can’t i’ll settle for 3.



if i become premium…could it be done??


how is that so impossible for non animationor even animation, you dont even need to be premium for it either


That request is damn doable. need to learn to work you way around colors bro. :smiley: More colors you use…the more kb :smiley:


the sheer file size of 6 characters being animated at once would be too big for a normal av, let alone a 40k premium one, would be huge, also wouldnt look to good. but i dont make avs so what do i know.


well i dont feel like make the 2 team thing so pick one for me to do Santhrax or Rowtron and ill do it

wut do you want wriiittten on it


Alright…alright…can it not be animated and still have 6 characters? or 3 and be animated? or 6 on top of each other? It doesnt have to be perfect! :confused:
p.s. how do i become premium? web-link please…
oh and anyone to try making that avatar?


Alright…I choose Santhrax…it should sayR.A.W.


wow, i thought i was one of the few that like doing team ava

but damn now i hate it

another pick up