Challenge Doc. B at Evo!

Sups all…I wanted to see who wants to play at Evo casual…I play money matches and fun casual matches with cool peeps…So we can play wherever at Evo,the hotel,in the street who cares where…so who wants to Battle??? I play 3S,CvS2,MvC2 so holla back…


I’ll play some MvC2 with you, 4/7 for $20.

mvc2… 3/5 for $10?

sound good? holla :cool:

<— open for marvel money matchs. Imma just a random PORTLAND OREGON scrub. we dont even kno how to AHVB x2.


Hey, it’s Colin. I’ll play you money matches in cvs Brandon. Let’s see if I can still beat you like the old days buddy. 3/5 however much you want not to exceed 50 dollars.

i’ll play u in cvs2 for fun though. no reputation/money matches for me. lol.

if you’re gonna challenge for money matches, it should be in BOTH games…that’s up to him of course :slight_smile:

dr.B i will make u my bitch any day!!!

pIGadOkeN : Yeh we can play i like just playing for the hell of it…

Halcyonryu : We’ll play no doubt…imma have to show u the new style…and beat ya up like the old days lol !!!

Montana : I know who u are trick lets go!!! We gonna do dis!!!


Hell yea. I still wanna take you on with my new S-Groove team.

S- Yuri/Terry/Rolento

No doubt GF2 we gotta kick it…we go way back and we take it to Newpark!!!


yo what up B, lets do 3/5 in all three games, winner gets $30 you down?

…then after that smoke a blunt.

its abou time u said something back to me i beeen msg u and u dont return my msg wtf !!! ??? but i will beat yo ass at evo i will take ur scruby ass moneey!!! hahah jk :lol:

hahaahhahaha since no money is on the line…
imma use p groove ryu dan ken.

Dr B,

I’m challenging you to an S groove showdown. You will fear my Yuri, Balrog, and Sakura. :slight_smile:

Dr.B! 1 game. $5! How bout it d00d!


The first one to 3 wins get 10 bucks one of the matchs will have a Yamazaki vs Yamazaki match… :evil: how about it

i heard that AIRIC foo is sick, he be takin cats lunch money like nothin.

dakkonmc: Im down for an S groove showdown…hopefully I can help run a best of the best S groove tourney…that would be illmatic to watch.

Marneto: Lets do it…good to hear from u…ill be playin ya no doubt.

AiRiC: I see…Im ready for your challenge…lets see if ya take my lunch money…and we’ll see who is the yama king!!!

   -B.:D :cool:

are you gonna accept only the cvs2 challenges even though you said 3S,CvS2,MvC2? it doesnt seem like youre accepting anything else. couple have challenged you in marvel and you havent answered. just want to know.