CHALLENGE - Dr.B at EV0 2K6 ! The Best S GROOVE on the PLANET!

Here is your chance to play against the best S Groover in the WORLD !!! Rank 20 in CvS2 last year…2 time EVO DVD match holder in 2002-2003…Money and grudge matches are welcome…since i couldnt make it to EVO West…here is your chance to face me…1 on 1…

I will be at Evo this year and out in Vegas performing my music live at 2 clubs 21 and up !!! So hit me up…when evo gets closer I will update this thread and post my number so peeps can call me and kick it…Lets make it another dope evo !!!

Also I will have copies of my new mixtape for $5 a copy and the full album for $10. So Pick that UP !!! My MUSIC PAGE link is BELOW !!!

 - D R B


ahh good.

I didn’t get to go last year, and i heard the first album was good. Expect $5 from me when I see you.

I DO plan to go and I can, but its a matter of where/who i’m staying with that always prevents me from going to out of area tournies.

we need to set up DRB vs paul wal(PJC)

btw… good music

I wish I was showing up, then I’d play you all night; money or not. World’s S vs. Canada’s S. :tup: :looney:

hey… pjc has a dirty S too… lol

Nick T: Always fun playing and seeing you…thanks for the support…a copy of my musicis coming your way…and alot of matches…

Shodokan: Thanks man…let’s battle…u coming to evo??? If so cop that album !!! Aight then…Peace !!!

PJC: I cant wait to play ur S groove… !!!

  • D R B

Yo B, I’m under 21 so get me into the club with you!

Sup my old student,

its seems you’ve grown in your ability since we last talked =)

Anyway hope everythings going well man, dunno if you knew i was back in the vid game scene, i played at evo west.


Why dont you fucking pick S groove at EVO and do well for once. Shit, S-groove isn’t THAT bad is it?!

Didnt I kick your ass in Evo 2k2??? -B.

Aight ya’ll holla back…hit me on the myspace…Korngo I cant get u in to 21 and up they are real strict…my bad…

-D R B

Man Dr. B ignoring me…brandon wake up fool and gimme props for bringing team cvgl back into the spotlight haha.

Seriously though hows it going man? Should log into aim once in a while and chat with me.


lol, i was just playin’ around b. i know it’s mad strict over there. but get that club HYPHY for me! jeah!

r4 yama vs r4 yama money match you down that this year dr.b :angel:

Actually…S groove is that bad. It’s just Dr.B knows how to run shit with the worst groove in the game.

Graham - Madd respect to you always man…we have had great practice…its good to see u back in…going to evo?

AiRIC - Yep I’m down money match…and we will play Triple Yama Challenge…and reg. Teams…

To everyone else…the madness begins !!!

Dr.B Interview

Inside EVO DvD Trailer !!! Props to SHAKAR for the footage !!!;4140486;;/fileinfo.html