Challenge: Help me design my arcade cabinet (prize for the winner, woohoo)

Ok guys, putting out somewhat of a challenge.

I’m in the middle of restoring an old arcade cabinet. In the end it’s going to be a Neo-Geo MVS/Sega Dreamcast cabinet.

What I’m looking for is artwork to put on the sides, and also a design for the marquee.

The only part I know for sure is that the control panel will be based on this (with possible slight changes, likely making more of a white focus where the black is):

I’ve created basic (JPEG) templates which include the correct dimensions, color of the blue to be used (has to match the control panel), etc.


Side Art:

Here are the logos for Sega and SNK. I would like these incorporated somehow:

***Characters,patterns, and any sort of craziness are fine are fine (should probably be from SNK or Sega), but I’d like the overall look to stay fairly clean. Using the Dreamcast or Neo-Geo logos are fine too, but not required. ***

The cabinet itself will be white with (probably) blue trim

***Winner will get $25 worth of whatever they want when I make my next order from Akihabara shop when I order the parts for my panel. ***

Or I’ll just paypal you $25 bucks. I’m hoping this entices at least a few people to give me a some good ideas.

If nobody wants to give it a try, I’ll just throw some boring logos on the side.

If I forgot anything obvious that I should mention, pm or respond here.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, quick note. The Marquee is more important to me than the side art. It will be lit from behind, as well as have an embedded LCD with the current game being played, so it can be flashier.


I like it.

The only two things I have a problem with are 1. All Sega, no SNK (maybe alternating?). 2. Not sure if I want something that matches so close to the control panel, maybe something more flashy for the marquee.

This might be a decent direction to go for the side art though. And actually I might even think of using this for the control panel instead of the other I posted.

Or maybe a Sega on the left, SNK on the right type of deal for that if alternating the words doesn’t work? Not sure…