Challenge Keystone 2 @ EVO!

We need to keep ourselves busy with Money Matches/Grudge Matches/Friendly Matches/Booze Matches/Sex Matches…Whatever.

I’m making this thread in the hopes of keeping shit organized.

Confirmed KS2 members attending EVO in no particular order

Ricky O
Eric “Leezy” Lee
Christ T
Makoto Mike
Let Blood Run
Rugby Alex
Patmonsta (taking the greyhound)
Chip Douglas
Will Powers

Itayon (pending)
John Choi (pending)
Polpot (pending)
Lyle (pending)

I’m retarded so the list may not be completely accurate…I’ll edit accordingly.

Right now what i’d like to see is Charlie vs Steve H. I’ve never seen Steve play and people said he uses P-Groove no less (which i think is cool). Charlie is pretty much unknown outside of Norcal but he’s hella buff at that CVS2. I’ll put down 20 bux on this. First to 5. Only stipulation is that the match has to take place after the sun goes down… That’s when Charlie gets his powers.

Leezy knocked me out of evo 2k5 using A-groove. i wanna play 2/3 vs his A-groove, to see who is whiter, or less white as it were.

sex matches you say

quote shoo every time he seems horny

im not going for games, but can I please just drink with you fools… last year was way too much fun.

i’ll drinking match foos for free

Ill drink for free

me too… i will drink match anyone in 3s. <3

ps. i hope wis, lyle, pot, and john make it.

Albert…I’m assuming you’re going. You didn’t put yourself.

Matt…let’s go. Just remind me to take my watch off before we play…

Nam…I wanna drink with you…like Friday night. I think I’ll do better in Marvel hung over…or drunk again.

yo ill be there starting TUE.



i would like to mm Albert in CvS2 in a $5 2/3 or for a drink, just because dude is chill as fuck and i havent played him since NCR like 2 years ago where i barely scrubbed by.

Since this might be the last year for cvs2! I hope leezy crack top 8 this year so it will be documented on the official DVD! good luck ksII!!

alright, if for some reason there is a tie it will be your watch tan vs my farmer’s tan as a tiebreaker

Hawt. Gunning for double KO then…'cause I got the whiteness in the bag.

Country ringtone for the win.

please make a sign so I know where to look for this.

already got my match with my favorite keystoner…

wanna 2/3 for $5 albert?

the whitest ringtone i got is journey… i think you may have me beat there.

Excellent…I CHALLENGE ! Its gonna be hard to meet with most but Im down to money match and record matches for DR.B TV and YOUTUBE for the SRK Community.

 -D R B


I’m up for 3s mm’s :]

Done! 5 bones 2/3

I like you too :lovin:

Sounds good.

I also got drink/money matches with piggyadoken and laugh…


Someone money match my boy de4deye (rom) @ 3S!

i challenge all of keystone at cvs2 10 bucks a game no joke