Challenge/Query Who has the highest damage no-meter combos? (no RSF/TAP Final)


This is a half question, half challenge. What character has the highest damage combos that require zero meter? That means no super OR ultra. Practical or impractical doesn’t matter, but bonus points if the combo could actually be done in a match somehow.

Obviously infinites don’t count (no Run Stop Fierce) and Turn Punch Final isn’t really a “combo”

Obviously post if a combo is character specific or requires a counter hit or meaty setup.

Here is 2 very practical combos I know of that do A LOT of damage and require zero meter.

Seth (works almost anywhere except the very middle of the stage)
Pretty much a standard seen BNB combo that does crazy damage and can be landed off of a crossup
fj.HK - cst.HK - c.MP - MK Lightning legs - 3x air stomps - dive kick = 411damage 690stun(!)

Cody - Corner specific, works on MOST characters but a handful have reeling animation that screws it up on the c.MP - HK Ruffian)
nj.HP - cst.HP - c.MP - HK Ruffian - MK Ruffian = 416damage 610stun

I fully expect to see some crazy stuff that Sakura or E. Ryu or C Viper can do.


Theoretically, the highest damage combos technically aren’t combos. The first two attacks absorbed by an move with hyper armour so it doesn’t count toward the combo, but there’s no way for the opponent to escape and because the first two don’t count toward the combo, the damage scaling only kicks in after fourth hit.


Dan can do a jHK, clHK, clMP, crMP HP Koryuken on some characters for sure, but only in the corner. Will check how’s the damage of that shit, should be no less than 380.


I’m sure Akuma will pop by here soon enough


E.Ryu:, st.hp xx lk Axe Kick, xx lk tatsu, HP SRK = 423 (dunno how much on CH)



Corner Combo only. Works on Dudley and Abel AFAIK. Not sure about off of CH St.HP (without having to jump in HK). Also unsure about the stun but I’ll post it up later on tonight. But yeah, probably should’ve expected Guile to pop up in here. His combos aren’t about style only.

EDIT: I think I can take it up higher than 457. Probably hit 500 with no meter.


Seth has a mirror specific combo near the corner. It should do around 450 damage and 631, but that’s not accounting for HP scaling. I don’t have a console to test. Obviously, it could do more damage if the focus was a counter hit.
Lv 3 Focus, Tanden Engine, Close Roundhouse ~ Close Fierce xx Roundhouse Hyakuretsukyaku, Stomps, Divekick.


First Seth combo posted doesn’t work if Seth’s opponent doesn’t end up in the corner when Hyakuretsukyaku finishes. It also doesn’t work if the opponent is crouching. Or if they get hit too far with j.HK. Actually, nobody really uses that anyway (nobody likes linking cst.HK, cr.MP for whatever reason…)

Second one doesn’t work on anybody but Seth, as stated. Which is this one. I had a hell of a time coming up with a way to get it to hit from a jump in, but it can…
[447/805] j.HP, cst.HK, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Seth only)

Okay, after about ten minutes, I managed to get j.HK to connect instead of j.HP. The timing on this is ridiculous and involves walking forward twice, so I’m not gonna record it again lol. Outside of this, he does have some high damage meterless combos (which don’t necessarily require jump ins and make the character specific ones become not so useful, but are listed for the hell of it.)

All are corner only.

[458/700] FA3, LP Engine, cst.HK, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Seth only)
[457/805] j.HK, cst.HK, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Seth only)
[447/805] j.HP, cst.HK, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Seth only)
[422/705] j.HK, cst.MP, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Character specific - works on quite a few though)
[417/690] nj.HK, cr.HP (x2), HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK (Universal, but “really fucking hard on Guy” for some reason)

(Practical numbers)

[426/690] LP Engine, cst.HK, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK
[392/590] LP Engine, cst.MP, cst.HP xx HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK
[352/555] LP Engine, cr.HP (x2), HK Legs, Stomp (x3), DK