Challenge Team SJSU Scrubs Thread!

I like playing for pride cuz i’m a cheap bastard.

LOL. nothing at stake here just doing this for groups of friends who play SF4 to play against us. i guess u can call it playing for pride.

LETS GO SCRUBS! hahah:looney:

a team of me me and me will challenge any team out there.

GG to everyone who showed up, this might be an bi-weekly thing…maybe. feed back?

It was pretty fun today, sorry I had to cut out so early. We didn’t even get to do the team thing! I hella forgot! LOL, ill bring some quarters next time so we can run a quarter tourney :D, haha-

Damn i kinda wish we played for money hah. I wanna rematch your friend!

add him on ps3, timmja

Hey guys, im going to hold another session on the 27 from 11 am to any time before 6 pm (unless you can get free parking, since free parking ends at 6). I can only have a maximum of 12 people over. Loc. Downtown San jose.

  1. Seaper
  2. akonie99
  3. Ster
  4. Karlo

PS. Bring your Quarters (Quarter Tourney! WOOT!)

Can’t make this one :[ I’ll either be in Santa Cruz for a tourney or passed out from a friend’s 21st - next timmmee

its all good! have fun man.

I want in!